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  1. The Polaris cards are actually really competitive if you don't care about power. https://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/2525?vs=2572 Yeah its slower then the 1650 super but its also 40 bucks cheaper. I'd take a 570 and a 1600 af over a 1650 super and 3000G
  2. Came here to say this. The 1600 AF is a beast at 85 dollars if you're going to be using discrete graphics.
  3. Node 304. It's basically designed to be a media center pc. I'm 90% sure it is what linus has in his living room. If you're willing to use an aio you can go smaller but realistically 20 liters is plenty small for most use cases. Something like this is really about showing off or because you want a super minimalist desk setup. This thing would look great if you built it with that asrock board with the thunderbolt port and used a pair of type c monitors plus a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  4. It's all a question of compromise once you go much below 20 liters. I would say this is shockingly functional given the size it actually looks very usable if you can tolerate a bit of noise under load. If you want a compact no compromise build the node 304 has been around forever. It could do with an update but it's pretty hard to beat a case that supports a full size atx psu, largish gpus, large dual tower air coolers and 4 or 5 2.5/3.5 drives in 19.5 liters. I find myself wondering if a dc to dc psu might not make more sense then flex atx for this case. Picobox sells a 490 watt unit that is just a bare pcb with that you could make the case even smaller or support 2.5 inch drives and ditch the 40mm fan.
  5. What on earth are you talking about. 3840 by 2160 is 4k. It is a 16 by 9 aspect ratio. Besides the whole point of 16:10 is that the additional height is better for things like document creation/viewing and web browsing. It has always been worse for video.
  6. Netbooks are a sub category of laptop. Generally speaking it is a small (sub 13 inch) cheap laptop with an atom class processor. They were all the rage a number of years ago before mostly disappearing because they are pretty crap. The modern equivalent would be a chrome book which are generally much better devices because cheap low power cpus have improved a lot and chrome os is much lighter weight then vista or windows 7 were when netbooks peaked in terms of popularity. EDIT: The asus line of EEE PC machines were a pretty common example. They were also known for having really good battery life for the time. Like 10 hours.
  7. They do retail sales too. You can buy the pocket 2 on amazon currently for example. They are one of those companies that uses crowd funding for promotion and as a pre order system. If you want to pay retail price you can or you can preorder and save 100+ bucks. As for the surface go. That is a much slower device. Yeah they are both 2 core 4 thread parts but the surface has a pentium. That means no turbo boost so 1.6ghz is all you get. I have a passively cooled device with a core m and even under a sustained heavy load it is 1+ ghz over it's base clock. you are talking about roughly halving cpu performance. The surface also maxes out at 8gb of ram and eMMC storage that maxes out at 128gb. Oh and the surface has basically no io other then its single type c port. Its not really a comparable device imo.
  8. So I guess I am the first person here to admit buying one of these. I ordered the surge 60. I have a road trip coming up in a month. At 40 dollars (20 bucks off with the linus promo code and 10 dollars off via a coupon on the amazon listing) I'm willing to try them. I don't really expect more then something I can listen to podcasts on with some half assed active noise cancellation. At that price I won't feel screwed even if they just end up being used as wireless over the ear head phones with no noise cancellation.
  9. That's the thing I should have been familiar with it. It was the motherboard in the first gaming pc I built. I used it for years before replacing it with the current system and never knew it had a fire wire header. I guess I am lucky in that I'm cheap when it comes to keyboards. I killed a bundled keyboard from an old hp system and my "nice" keyboard cost 33 dollars to replace. It was one of the boards from that round up of cheap chinese mechanical keyboards linus did a couple of years ago. Also lucked out in not killing the receiver for my logi g700s mouse. Fortunately I plugged it into one of the front 3.0 ports and not the live at 30 volts 2.0 ports. Also "lucky" In that I hoard computer hardware and had 3 more functional keyboards in storage. /probably shouldn't put nice in quotes given my only complaint about it iwas the unicorn vomit fixed color led backlighting
  10. I am acutely aware. I would like to know who decided they should share the same physical header.
  11. So I just put together a second machine out of parts I had laying around. Found out the hard way this z68 board has a front eee 1394 connector and that the motherboard header for it is identical to a usb 2.0 header. Only difference is on this particular board it is white and the usb is blue. Also turns out 1394 doesn't deliver 5 volts at 500 mA but rather up to 30 volts at 1.5 amps. So now I have two dead keyboards sitting in the trash including my "nice" chinese mechanical keyboard from my gaming rig. Just looking to vent and this seems like the right place. Anyone else done this or similar? /side note holy crap this membrane keyboard is bad how did I ever live like this //sorry about the image quality best result I could get with the poor lighting
  12. You do know there is more to computers then just the os right? I had my previous machine throw an error code during post and refuse to boot when I replaced my 120mm case fans with 200mm ones. The rpm they were running at fell below what the default minimum speed setting in the bios was. The bios assumed they had failed and refused to let the machine boot until I went in and lowered the minimum acceptable speed setting.
  13. My take away is that main gear ran away with this. They may not have provided the fastest machine for the money but the customer support was miles ahead of the companies that beat them on performance. They provided decent value for money hardware wise and won in the important metric of how much of a headache is this going to be for me down the road if I recommend somebody buy a pc from them. The best value for money is usually going to be diy. You go to a system integrator for something that should just work out of the box and for the customer support if it doesn't. Everyone else pretty much failed in that regard. Ibuypower was shockly bad imo and I will no longer recommend them to people even though they provide some of the best bang for the buck hardware wise.
  14. Yeah, hard nope on this. I trust facebook about as far as I can throw their hq building. They can say whatever they want about how secure and private it is that doesn't make it true.