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  1. Because nucs are currently amazing for office PCs and such, but dont really do graphics well. a 72 EU Gen9 with L4 would do it well enough for it to be a portable PC you just plug into the hotel TV and do stuff on
  2. Ill pick both. an entusiast sometimes wants a small system for travels, that can still perform good enough for tasks at hand, as well as manage light gaming
  3. with someone whos never seen it, 4,5,6,1,2,3. With people who know it, 1,2,3,4,5,6
  4. should i go for the OPX? or save some money and go with something cheap?

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    2. thekeemo


      here the 6s is like $200 more

    3. AlexGoesHigh


      not saying anything constructive but i think the moto g design is super sexy, especially vs competitors on its price range.

    4. Stupidtiggers


      You think its ugly? D:

      But I can agree on the moto g, iiiits not the prettiest

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  5. They should modify the ChromeOS to include an android UI when in tablet mode, and the full UI when in docked mode, with an easy to manually switch between
  6. last midterm today :3 then luka is a free elf

    1. DevilishBooster


      Ahhh yes... Final Week. I remember the sweet taste of freedom that comes with handing your prof your exam, doing a mic drop, and walking out the door like a super-fly guy yelling "Lay-tah bitches!"

      At least, that's what I like to imagine I always did...

    2. lol1290


      I have 3 exams next week -_-

      The hardest one is probably history... (1st and 2nd WW)

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      bad dobby , that socks is for wearing

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  7. python is amaizng for any kind of web server stuff, and is more than adequate for most tasks youd like to do, apart from scientific compute and hardcore games. But a separate text editor rarely offers debugging, integrated git, syncing across different computers. The separate compiler is necessary for any serious program though, as the VS2014 one is shit, and 2015 is merely adequate, and definitely not GCC
  8. oh i never said its bad, or useless. just, i come from python, then C++, then back to python and C#. and if i had to choose one language to use from now on, id choose python because its just so readable. if i didnt care for taht, C# is simply the best thing to come to existence ever. i adore it for most things, but since most of my code is done to teach high school kids, python is my current goto language.
  9. well its nice to read it all before assuming, or just add a disclaimer No this is the biggest reason to be harsh on parents. set an example. mental illness is just as real as any other, and increasingly more common. learning to identify and work on it early is key, not ignoring it hoping itll go away...
  10. She did kill her. but not by making a phone call, but by refusing to make a certain phone call to a doctor.
  11. At the beginnign. Literally. go from the simplest programs (console applications). use Stack Overflow and MS database for help with algorithms and syntax. sooner or later you get it. its an ugly language though
  12. For a kid to hang herself there has to be a pretty strong reason. one of those is intense bullying, another is mental illness. both of which i mention earlier. Cherry picking posts to make one look good is not nice. they need to hang themselves.
  13. What else instead of a HDD would one use to host a game server? They are usually small enough to get loaded into ram anyway, unless we are talking heavily modded ones
  14. I blame solely bad parenting. Neglecting and/or being oblivious to your kids problems because you are a self centered retard of a soccer mom
  15. my take on it girl comes home, says something about not feeling well etc mom being wise as fuck goes on the internets, sees something about why kids feel bad at school from some nutjob blaming EMR from routers mom being a good scientsist believes that without a doubt, not fact checking, because she refuses to believe her child could be subject to bullying shit gets worse, mom is retarded does nothing kid hangs herself mom is retarded does nothing still, maybe starts another movement of retarded uneducated females trying to ruin shit they dont understand
  16. They do actually penetrate, but a VAST majority of the photons will pass right through, analagous to visible light and glass
  17. Bullshit, she was either bullied or suffering from a mental illness As hard as this is on her parents, they should be persecuted for neglecting their child and whatever other laws not caring about her problems broke. Fucktard soccer mums thinking the first link on google going to a forum post by some other soccer mum makes them fucking experts
  18. The biggest change for me is the fixed and cleaned up (read: no more 1980s code) compiler for C++ as well as Clang support.
  19. It was actually a lock part required by the ATX/PCIe specification. Part of the spec defines its dimensions, and another says no circuitry may be present on it.
  20. They said they were going to outdo the shit-in-a-box from last year. i wasnt sure tehy could. They delivered. Thank you CAH. You all deserve golden vibrating devices and lube to go with it
  21. I wouldnt count on it. A8x was pretty close already, would wager A9x beat the K1. but not X1 of course. Will be a while before anything can beat 2 SMMs
  22. no they arent. You people give them way too little credit. they know their userbases. they know that removing the fucking headphone jack from a phone is stupid. they also knew many people want an ultrabook but never plug shit into it. and they made one for them
  23. im always amazed at how quickly people get their panties in a bunch over this.. every year, 6 months (ish) after the new iPhone, this rumour surfaces (or the crooked looking 3.5mm jack), everyone gets mad, nothing happens. rinse repeat. Apple arent stupid
  24. what is this osu thing?