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    Here to help. Know indepth stuff.
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    AlwaysFSX's Basement
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    3D, Engineering, Computers, Metalwork
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    i5-750 Stock
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    Intel B55
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    Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1866MHz
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    Gainward GTX770 2GB
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    CM Storm Stryker
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    2x WD Blue 500GB, Black 1TB
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    2x Dell U2414M
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    Cooler Master Hyper212Evo
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    Logitech G105
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    Roccat Kova+
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    LG FB162 System

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  1. The night manager is fucking amazing. If you are into spy dramas, this is for you. Great story, amazing casting, awesome screenplay... What else does a man need from a TV show. :D

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    2. givingtnt


      so night at the museum without drugs?

    3. LukaP


      i dont see how these two relate, really o,O

    4. givingtnt


      idk what it is. im trying to figure it out with low internet (can't load many pages)

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