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  1. Not that guy, but 20% extra for a stand is kind of bullshit. I totally understand the price since they were comparing it to $40k monitors, but it’s still a lot for a stand that is just a prettier version of my cheap Dell stand. Is that option included in the $5999 model?
  2. What does the base model bring over a Threadripper build with ECC RAM?
  3. I am really curious to see what the prices will be for higher end configurations. The base model looks so bad, I don't understand how they can justify that price. Also, while this is clearly more expandable than the trashcan, you are still locked into their GPU choices from what I can tell. Do you have any way of powering a "third-party" GPU, it only seems to draw additional power through that extra slot. Also, did they just use the total power draw (including the wasted one) to advertise the PSU wattage as being slightly higher/rounder?
  4. I meant more in terms of the hardware, not the weird looks
  5. So when can we start trashtalking the Mac Pro?
  6. I've been looking for a wireless mouse to replace my G502 for a while and now this thing launches.
  7. This has to be the worst charts I've ever seen, who made them? And why?
  8. Another reminder not to use this piece of (sorry, just discovered emojis on the forum)
  9. What does "more hardware" even mean? "More stable" implies better software, not hardware. Android flagships do have better hardware if you're talking about GPU performance, cameras (Pixels and Galaxy S, at least) and more RAM (seriously Apple...). iPhones have faster flash storage as far as I know and their SoCs are better. LMAO, this is priceless
  10. Both the Paperwhite and Oasis have lit displays. It's not backlight, but it still lights up the display pretty uniformly. Also, e-ink displays look better imo, at least for reading.
  11. Custom as in an AMD chip built specifically for them or custom as in A-series for macs? Cause the latter would be useless and kill the mac line-up.
  12. People need to keep in mind. Being worth 1 trillion dollars does not mean they actually have that much in cash reserves, those are different things and some of those who commented seem to not understand this. OT: As someone who doesn’t own stock, I dont’t really care, but damn that’s a large number
  13. How would syncing with several devices work in this case? Do you manually copy stuff from your PC to your laptop and phone or is there some kind of LAN sync?