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    Computer geek since six years of age. I like helping others out. My mind works in weird ways. Stationed as a professional Linux Sysadmin. Motorcycles are my life.
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  1. Literally the first line of this thread is the following: REMINDER: this thread is not to ask questions about your PC. Please create a NEW thread if you still have issues after going through this thread. Please create a new thread in the troubleshooting section if you are having a problem with your computer. Also per the original post in this thread:
  2. At work, depending on my assignment it's either Debian or RHEL. I've had some packaging/versioning nightmares with Debian, though.
  3. Protip: there have been many threads like these before, you can find most with this search. As to your question: right now, I'm a big fan of Arch Linux. Running it as a daily driver and as the OS for my servers. Used to be big on Debian, but I've fallen out of love with it since using it in a professional work environment. The packaging isn't ideal.
  4. Protip: big-ass thread with pretty much exactly what OP is asking is stickied in this section. A link for your convenience.
  5. Engineering sample CPU.... How did you get a hold of that?
  6. Added the last three. I know I'm very late again, but I'm pretty much retired by now. Personal life has kept me off the forums for a while now. I'll see if I can persuade some other mod to look at this from time to time.
  7. Have no experience with Lustre, sorry.
  8. I'm pretty sure my contract forbids that. Plus, it sounds way more exciting than it is looks. Imagine a full height server rack with a couple SAS boxes and (I think) four servers. There, you're done. The software is amazing though (GPFS).
  9. Probably a good thing.... They just installed a new storage closet at work... 2 PB redundant space, to put alongside the existing 1.2 PB closet
  10. Life expectancy on any recent drive from a reputable brand will be longer than the life expectancy of your gaming rig. Samsung's 850 series are great drives.
  11. If I can't run it standalone without subjecting my data to some organization to monetize, it ain't an alternative. Then again, the latest versions of Office could actually be uploading everything to M$ for all I know. Doesn't bother me anyways, screw office suites.
  12. Just throwing this out here: mods are entitled to their own opinion, regardless of their behind-the-scenes work for the community. I don't know what being a mod has to do with interpreting the actions of a software company, but I figured you might've missed this detail. Have a nice day.
  13. Lenovo Thinkpad T450s. I'm currently using one as my daily driver running Arch Linux. 14-15 hours of active work time, 12 GB RAM, decent processor, full HD screen, best damn keyboard on the market. Love it. Bit pricey, though
  14. What does your ISP charge for that connection?