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    THE (senior) noob
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    Computer geek since six years of age. I like helping others out. My mind works in weird ways. Stationed as a professional Linux Sysadmin. Motorcycles are my life.
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    Intel Core i5-5200U
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    8 GB DDR3
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    Lenovo T450s
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    500 GB Samsun 850 evo
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    135 Ultra dock
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    2 x Dell U23HM + integrated 1080p IPS
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    Ducky Shine3 Tenkeyless
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    Logitech Performance MX
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    Sennheiser RS-180
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    Arch Linux

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  1. MG2R

    Moving to my own place... Need WiFi

    Looking into controller solutions. I want roaming hand-off so I can't go the standalone route. Probably will be running the VM appliance.
  2. MG2R

    Moving to my own place... Need WiFi

    Got three AIR-CAP3502I-E-K9 at just under 50 a piece. Looking at switching over to Air-cap-1702i-e-K9 if I can flip those 802.11n APs again at a reasonable price.
  3. MG2R

    Moving to my own place... Need WiFi

    Thanks for all the replies. I ended up finding a great deal on some enterprise Cisco APs specifically designed to handle this sort of thing. Ubiquity ended up costing me more.
  4. MG2R

    Moving to my own place... Need WiFi

    My experience with multiple independent access points is that switchover for roaming devices is a nightmare, which is why I specifically mentioned that in the OP. From my experience, it seems clients try to stay connected to the same AP as long as possible, instead of recognizing the best AP for their current location.
  5. As title suggests: need WiFi solution in new house. Footprint is 8x10 meter for basement and ground level, 8x8 meter for first and second level (attic). Looking for a solution which plays nicely with multiple devices and multiple APs. I'd like an access point on each floor except the attic since that'll be used for storage. Back when I was super active here, Ubiquity was all the rage but I've heard that they're not actually as superb as I had thought. Care to share your vision? All feedback and questions welcome.
  6. Looking at ~50 inch sizes. Would be sitting about 3 to 3.5 meters (10 - 11.5 feet) away from the screen so I figure that size should do nicely. Correct me if I'm wrong. Do want: picture quality (probably OLED but not sure if hard requirement) inputs for at the very least set-top box, HTPC, and a laptop low input latency (separate mode if necessary) Don't care audio quality (happy to hook up external audio solution if audio quality sucks) smart TV privacy nightmares (will NOT be hooking this thing up to the internet) design 3D actual TV tuner Budget: eh, lower is better, anything over 2k EUR is a simple "no". Suggestions? As you can probably tell: I'm not well-versed in TV hardware. Feel free to point out mistakes in my reasoning.
  7. MG2R

    LTT Storage Rankings

    You mounted a rack server to the wall... That's what I call... vertical thinking! <yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!.wav> Seriously though, super neat setup on that wall! EDIT: actually, how did you mount them exactly?
  8. You are probably the post unknown mod ever

    1. Max_Settings


      Wait who is this guy??? 

  9. The old drivers have cracked and are in need of replacement, unfortunately. Anyone here who can point me in the right direction? Pics:
  10. Wouldn't shipping up that 6USD price tag by quite a bit if you're buying it overseas? I won't say no to that
  11. You damn American with your damn American hardware prices making me jealous! It would appear the hardware prices in the US are insanely cheap compared to what I'm able to find here in Belgium Do you have something else in that system besides a CPU and storage drives? 120 W for a couple drives and a mobo seems like an awful lot, but I could just be dumb. EDIT: thinking about it again, an older HDD going at 10W would make this sort of power draw possible.
  12. Funny, I'm running the D2750D4i in my current home server. I've been having stability issues lately, so I want to move away from it. Also, it's not really powerful enough to transcode high-bitrate 1080p Plex streams. It has been an amazing board for everything else though. No preference, but I think picking up second hand enterprise systems will turn out to be cheaper, no? I might have to spec out one of those E3 systems too. I've been looking at the R510 systems on eBay and they do look pretty decent for the money. Power draw on those might be a tad high though. Then again, it would cost me between 1.5 and 2.2 EUR/(watt-year), so a 100W average consumption would be like 20 EUR/month tops. The Xeons in those R510s would have a TDP of between 80 and 95 watt, so total system power on max CPU load would be like 150-200W tops for a single socket system. That would make a 100W average pretty achievable, I reckon.
  13. I've been thinking about that a lot and, honestly, I'm not quite sure what to answer here. As I said in the post: cheaper is better, I'm not on a stupendously tight budget but I don't want to spend stupid amounts on this either. One thing I should clarify though is that the 10 TB HDD space should be potential, not current. I have my own drives now I can still utilize.
  14. I'll be moving into my own house soon. When I do I'd like to move what I'm currently hosting on external servers (OVH) at home. Most of it is personal use. What I'm looking for is (preferably) redundant servers with 5-6 HDD bays per system and with enough CPU horsepower to transcode couple Plex streams. I've been looking at ebay for quite a while now, but I think the search might go easier with specific model numbes in mind. Cheaper == better, more power efficient == better. What do you guys suggest looking at?
  15. AFAIK Plex media server is closed source. Is there an open source alternative?