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  1. smallfat Favourite videos:https://www.vessel.com/videos/Su_Wqd7Vl and https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj
  2. I would make a beast rig that can render videos.
  3. R9 290x is great for the price, but do watch out for its heat and power consumption. Don't be too eager to jump on the gtx 970 train
  4. Yeah that's enough. I'm running a single 970 off a bronze rated 550 watt power supply, so your setup should be fine
  5. SLI 970s for sure. Just make sure you have enough wattage in your power supply.
  6. The lights, because they definitely make your pc go faster
  7. Congratulations! Found you guys when i realized that my pre-built was too slow for gaming. And thanks to you guys, i learnt to build pcs!
  8. According to /r/MechanicalKeyboards, release date for the k70 mx blues and browns is 26 Sept.
  9. I live in Singapore. This would probably only appear here one month after official release
  10. With such delays I don't understand why they don't just release all the switches at once.
  11. Favourite video from techquickie: http://youtu.be/LpuPe81bc2w Favourite video from jay: http://youtu.be/sWans5FU4cU
  12. I like the construction of the notebook. Looks very impressive too.
  13. The metal like finish looks amazing, as well as the thin bezzles.
  14. This is really interesting for Singapore, since the pc hardware retailers here are selling parts WAY above the msrp converted from USD
  15. Seems to have really nice build quality. I just hate plasticy feeling phones