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    Intel i5 6600K@4,5GHZ
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    16 GB DDR4
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    GTX 1080 ti @ 2050
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    23.8 inch 1440p
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    Noctua U14S
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  1. So your also in a small company ? So about 6 drives... does it look like one of these ?
  2. Are those then they only drives in the system, how old is ur 120 GB what speeds ? sata sata via m2? pcie ? Raid 1 or 0 ?
  3. Well if you do raid 1 for redundancy its actually 120 Gb total since you mirror both drives.
  4. Yes but if you put a 128 gb with a 256 gb you have 2x 128 GB limiting factor is your smallest disk.
  5. If they set up network and shared drives etc they probably (if they did their job right) have redundant backups of all your stuff if all that is in the hand of someone not trustworthy i would start to worry. Depending on what the guys there have access. Your company should maybe hire someone to check the contract you have with them. Are we talking like bunch of guys that have a small local company that manage your network ? Or is it a large service provider?
  6. What do they actually host for you? Did they provide servers for a website/ applications your company built or is it services they provided to you? Or we talking like your company network, shared network drives, authentification etc of local clients.
  7. So its arguments like "I did not say that" "Yes you did" ?
  8. Can you share some details like which fan and which motherboard ?
  9. When i was still learning there was the opportunity to get a good discount(as long as you currently go to a university or do an apprenticeship(germany) ) on laptops. I bought a powerful portable think pad that has served me well so far, and i paid 750 euro for a top spec model i7 16 gb ram 256 gb ssd. When i now think back i could have gone even cheaper i5 8 gb 256 GB ssd would have also been enough. When your just starting and don´t know which direction it will go maybe don´t look at the expensive very shiny nice ones. If you get for example a contract with some business it could be that they will offer you a laptop for work and your new shiny mac book air might stay at home as long as you work there because they don`t allow you to bring your own device into their network. I would suggest you to go with something simple which will for the time and then see how it develops and what you specialize in. Maybe reconsider those 2, and look for something else, i don`t know if there are any good discounts for students in the UK.
  10. Power consumption is not equal to TDP.
  11. custom or reference and do you plan to OC it to the max ?
  12. Mine is currently in use by this guy: He said the one button is perfect so he wont accidentally aim in shooters.
  13. Touch your room heater and see if you get shocked before touching the case.