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  1. Alright will buy ram RN, and then when I get paid Ill buy RTX
  2. So to be clear you suggest getting the higher speed ram?
  3. Would the saving of 80 dollars really be worth the higher speed in the ram? Edit: What I meant is that I would like ray tracing, so is the 80 dollar savings by getting the AMD 5700 XT really worth it?
  4. So heres the story. I wanted a fan controller for my system because only one fan slot on motherboard. While installing this item, I fried my gpu and my motherboard. I should've of gone here first before picking out a MB but here is my system specs AMD Ryzen 5 2400g Asus Prime X470-Pro (it has rgb if that matters) 2 x (Patriot Memory 2400 C16 Series DDR4) [they are 8gb each] 500gb HDD 480 GB SSD Right now system works due to Vega 11 graphics, but its a real bummer coming from my GTX 1060 6gb I was thinking about getting a RTX 2070 because I plan on upgrading the cpu. So I guess my question is for streaming if I have a budget of 500$ for a gpu and a 500$ budget for a cpu what should I plan on upgrading to or with? Please ask if you have future questions that might better your suggestion EDIT: PSU: Evga SuperNova 650 G+ I would also rather buy from amazon if that effect anything, as the two day shipping is a big bonus
  5. Ok looks like I'mma sell my old fx 8350 and buy the mb and ryzen 2400g
  6. No, Amazon has no record of my purchase, sadly
  7. I have a graphics card I don't need Vega graphics. But is this good?
  8. I already spent like 100 dollars on this cpu Issue is that I can't update the motherboard
  9. So I had bought an fx 8350 black edition processor and my old mother board (also used am3+) isn't working with it so does anyone have any good full atx mother board ideas
  10. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, I am not the Original Equipment Manufacturer.