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  1. So I'm getting a pair of Sonos Ones very soon, however I don't have my phones around me often, and I know that this speaker has to get music somehow. I know for a fact that the Homepod can stream music from the Internet by itself, without using an iPhone. So I want to know if the Sonos One is also capable of doing that. I appreciates all help!
  2. Yeah the 1060 6GB is one of the best performer in its price range, recommended for sure
  3. I'd recommend an i5 8400, 8GB of RAM and a GTX 1060 3GB. They are an awesome combo for not a lot and offers competitive performance for the price.
  4. Yes you can definitely use the 580 on Bootcamp. To get the enterprise version, you gotta change the license by buying a new one. And yeah Windows 9 doesn't exist so....
  5. That price for a 1080Ti is insane. Obviously, the performance gains from a 1080Ti do not worth $400 more. And yeah, do like @dizmo suggests.
  6. Almost all OLED TVs are at the risk of burn-in. Don't worry, they have superior image quality and pretty nice speakers for a TV. I have got a C8P and it's serving me very nice.
  7. Yeah it's compatible with your motherboard. For cheaper RAM you can get the budget series from Gskill or Corsair Budget series.
  8. Those power spikes seem really weird. I mean yeah the Vega FE is a power supply killer, but it shouldn't take that much power. Possibly there are some problems with your card, have you done some heavy test loads to check?
  9. The only way I think is to partition your drive and install Windows XP/7 on it. Or yeah a virtual machine could work too.
  10. The temps are what you should expect from a mini GPU.
  11. An AIO liquid cooler would have a lifespan around 5-6 years. For the air cooler, the most risky component would be the fans, but most coolers nowadays can replace fans (not stock fans tho gg) so that shouldn't be a problem. It will last for a really long time.
  12. If you are looking for a great case to start with but with a low price, I would definitely recommend the NZXT S340. It has one 120mm and one 140mm case fan, has great airflow and the red color looks really cool. For a case fan, if you want to be silent then the be Quiet Silent Wings 3 is a good choice for the money. But if you want that RGB action then a Corsair HD120 or LL120 is the way to go.
  13. The H100i v2 is definitely better than the 212 Evo, but the 212 Evo will serve you just fine and it's easier on the wallet as well.
  14. Will be very interesting to know what the project will bring us. Automatically bend hardline tubing seems like a great idea
  15. So I have a budget of around $400 to buy speaker(s) for my room. I have read the reviews and found out that both the HomePod and the Sonos One sounds really nice. But as I got $400, I can buy two Sonos Ones as it might give a better sound than a single HomePod, but it also lacks in bass and that kind of stuff. Are those things important to a speaker? What're your suggestions? And if you know a better option than the two that I have listed, can you also suggest it? Thank you very much! Edit: My room is about 10-12 meter square fyi.
  16. Pretty good deal, it's on par with a 1050 for a lower price
  17. So you mean that you want the absolute best performance out of it? If so then just go to AMD options and switch to Gaming mode or something
  18. Tbh just buy any RAM that is compatible with your laptop and are easy on your wallet, go for a DDR4-2133 or 2400.
  19. It DOES work, but it's really messy and not even reasonable. Honestly a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure would be the best way to go.
  20. Try in Windows PowerShell as admin, type sfc/ scannow and let it check
  21. The 980Ti DESTROYS the 1050Ti in every perspective available. That said, the card consumes up to 250W of power, which is a lot more than the similar-performed 1070, which consumes only around 150W. So going with the 1070 might be a wiser choice.
  22. macOS Mojave drinks my battery like a man dehydrated for a day.

  23. There are so much stuffs not going well with each other here. First off, no Ryzen chips (or Intel, for that matter) today can support over 5000Mhz of RAM, so no, nothing can benefit from it. Secondly, the build is using a 5000Mhz RAM, an 8700K with a top of the line Z370 mobo, but a 1050Ti lol. Just not... right I guess Thirdly, the timings are so loose. Transfer rate does not like this.
  24. Almost every manufacturer today will have to get a very beefy cooler to sports the 1080Ti GPU anyway. My brother is using a ROG Strix 1080Ti and it never disappoints him
  25. Oh it works perfectly! Thank you so much man! Really appreciate your help today.