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    Linux, hacking, generally making a mess that turns on somehow.


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    Xeon 1225V3 | i5 2420M | IBM 7445A (7550e)
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    Lenovo T140 | Lenovo L520 | Apple A1133
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    16GB | 12GB | 2GB
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    RX580 | uhhh | ATI 9550
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    Raidmax something | laptop | laptop
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    1 160GB velociraptor 1 3TB firecuda 1 1Tb WD blue | 1 1TB WD Black SSHD | some HGST thing
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    Earthwatts E500-D
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    Apple A1267 + Dell 16:10 | yes | yes
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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Tournament 2016
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    Elecom DEFT M-DT2DR - Logitech G700s - Logitech G600 - Apple Mighty Mice a plenty
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    Not windows ever

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  1. Cool thx I'm using 8.1 because I don't like that settings get altered every update or things screw up my start menu every time I reboot. I'm not dealing with that crap.
  2. Hi, I currently have a beefy system for my personal needs, though I have many things I do with it outside of gaming. Specs RQ: Ryzen 3900X 32GB @3000mhz Corsair LPX (will be upgrading to 64 if needed, though mobo upgrade will happen later so maybe 128GB) Gigabyte Aorus X470 Ultra Gaming (bought for IOMMU, I know my chokes are barely enough to hit 4.2GHz stable shush) Corsair H100i V2 (AM4 edition) Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ (main GPU) and either a EVGA GTX 970 SSC+ or an NVidia GRID K2 that I will be turning into a tesla or a headless 680
  3. Got booted from my house so I took my office with me. I call this making do. Yes thats an Amiga 500
  4. Why does it not like having pull fans for atmos vent? Could you set up bottom to top airflow in a case with 3000RPM fans (thinking noctua PPC) and not have the delta fans? Would ducting make that bottom to top plan work better? Is the design scaleable? IE, could it be made smaller? Thinking single 120? 140? What does it actually compete with? Is it logical to use outside of a LAN center / Render farm sorta environment? Personally I'm looking at one of these sorta things but custom built for a G5 quad. Would there be any companies out there that happen to do
  5. Hello I have a project in mind that I want to play around with, but first I want to be sure my GPU won't be dead in a month from corrosion. I have 2 Nvidia 9800GT's laying here doing nothing waiting to be put back into a mac or something similar. I can buy a box of 20 of these cards for about 50 bucks from a recycle center, so I don't care if they die. What I'd like to do is rig one up with a better cooling block and better clocks / vbios and see what I can push a 9800 GT to do. Yes, I'm aware they are basically 8800GTS's, however these are the updated 65nm cards, not the 90nm
  6. I meant slam as in the thermals were hitting it hard lol.
  7. I've had the machine apart and stripped twice. Since the second time, no issues.
  8. I have 0 clue if its still under warranty or not. Mostly I'm betting on the thermal mass increase giving me 3-5 degrees of a difference. I'm just hoping my temps don't have a reason to hover over 70.
  9. After letting it sit, gets up to 94 like it should. Immediate slam it settles at about 68 ish. I don't think thats terribly unrealistic.
  10. Pump is 100%, 3150RPM max reported. Running furmark and looking in cpu-z, reported voltage is 1.116. With turbo on I get to 1.42. My problem has now gone away. I am assuming theres a bubble in the line and when it gets to the pump it gets stuck and fuck with the pump However, I've been running solid for 3 days now and not had any weirdness happen whatsoever. Mostly, I just want to make sure that when I get a 280mm AIO setup that I get one that will perform well and keep temps where I want them (48-60).
  11. Pump is at max speed, was on cpu_opt but is on just cpu_fan now.