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  1. sjb655

    Gaming: 8GB vs 16GB of RAM Tested

    Thanks for doing this, was really helpful
  2. Depends on your use case man... I would personally get laptop cuz I don't want to carry around a cabinet, monitor, keyboard etc wherever I go.
  3. I don't think you can get that in the budget. I would suggest a Dell G7 with 1080p60hz, 8750h,1060,16gig of ram, which should cost around 1000-1100$. Screen isn't that good, you can get a 120hz panel off eBay for 100$.
  4. sjb655

    1080ti or 2080

    You are wrong there
  5. sjb655

    Help a noob

    He needs it for uni, I don't think you will be able to take a whole PC with moniter etc everywhere.
  6. sjb655

    [REVIEW] Realan E-H60 mITX Case

    there's another one of those with a little more space for the cooler right?
  7. Hey, check out the dell outlet store, I kind of think you can get a better deal on an Alienware there, though they are refurbished ones, but worth a look.
  8. Get the Alienware 17 and repaste it, it will run like new.
  9. sjb655

    120hz TN or 144hz IPS?

    I don't think anyone will notice the difference between 120hz and 144hz, but if you are moving to either of them from a 60hz screens, then it will be obvious.
  10. They will work, I don't think you will see some noticeable difference though. Edit- just saw its a 32gb kit.
  11. No, just no. Your 1050ti is an entry level gpu which can handle 1080p low/medium AAA games, don't try playing with it on 1440p. And if you are going to spend money for a 1440p screen then get a gpu that is capable to push those frames at that resolution.
  12. sjb655


    3gb vram is bad as the guy above said, also if you would just play pubg and other graphic demanding games, you should skip 120hz and get the full 6gb version. 120hz is fine but it's only good for eSports games, and you can't push that much FPS in pubg with a 1060. and tbh 7577 is a great laptop man, my brother owns it, I'm speaking from experience.
  13. sjb655


    7577 is great but you will have to forget about the 120hz display
  14. sjb655

    My ESC key isn't working anymore

    I forgot the name of the software, but I'm sure there are some apps which let you remap the key to a new one. I don't know if they really work but yes, they do exist.
  15. Check out the dell G series and 15.6inch will be fine for you.