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    MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon
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    Crucial DDR4 32GB 2133MHz (2 sticks)
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    MSI GeForce GTX 980 GAMING 4G
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    be quiet! Silent Base 800 Black/Orange Window
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    1TB HDD, 240GB SSD
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    XFX 550 Watt 80+ bronze
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    BenQ GW2255 and a phillips
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    Be Quiet! dark rock pro 3
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    cooler master gaming keyboard
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    R.A.T. 7
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    Windows 10

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  1. yep, just tried 4.5Ghz all core with 1.3V, but that wasn't stable in a 2 minute stress test. 4.45Ghz is stable though and the max temp i've seen was a bit about 70C. I think i'll keep this overclock for now.
  2. That certainly true. I also think i'm mostly going to have small bursts of all core usage(compiling software and shadercompiling in unreal). Right now i put it at 1.3 volts with a core clock of 4Ghz and the temps were around 67C.
  3. Not yet. With my previous cpu(i7-6700K) i used the bios overclock, but after a while i tried overclocking it myself. After trying for quite a while i got the same results. I will definitly try to lower my voltages though
  4. While running the test built into ryzen master, the voltage is at 1.44, sometimes dipping to 1.43x volts, the frequency starts at 4.35Ghz, but slowly climbs down to 4.27Ghz. The temperature also slowly keeps climbing, but that's pretty normal. After a 2 minute run, the temperature was at a max of 82 and the clock speed was at 4.274Ghz
  5. I got my Ryzen 9 5950X running today with a Be Quiet Pure loop 280mm. While idle(cpu running at ~600MHz max) the temperatures of the cpu are between 35 and 40 Celsius. With the Ryzen Master software enabling Auto OC mode and testing, i see temperatures as high as 80 Celsius. Are these temps normal with my cooling? I don't really know if I applied enough thermal paste(went for about pea sized, since last time i applied a cooler rice sized seemed to be not enough). The thermal paste i used is Artic Silver 5
  6. i can try that tomorrow, don't really feel comfortable putting it in the oven, but if it is already broken for sure, there isn't really much to lose
  7. So i tested it again, The igpu is still seen as the main gpu, and when i look in the bios, both pci-e slots i tried show nothing in the slot when the gpu is in it. I guess I'm gonna have to buy a new gpu. I will try the 1080ti in my new pc tomorrow, but i don't have high hopes for it
  8. My pc does start with 1 cable plugged in, but i don't get any output to my display via the igpu or 1080ti
  9. The card has some debug led's, which turn on when one of the pci-e connectors isn't connected. When i connect one of the power cables, the integrated graphics also don't show me anything, which is a bit weird. I am currently updating the bios of the motherboard, let's hope this fixes it, I don't have high hopes though
  10. After i turned of my computer because it froze up, i tried to turn it back on again. It didn't. After troubleshooting everything(checking if psu was working, pc started without gpu connected, etc) i finnaly think i found what the problem is. The right pci-e 8 pin slot on the gpu. When i plug in 1 of my pci-e cables, the pc boots. after turning it off and removing the cable from the slot and putting it in the right slot, it doesn't boot and my power supply gives a little pop(i think it is a short, don't know how though). With the gpu pluged in, it doesn't turn on, because it NEEDS both power ca
  11. Thanks for the response. One of the kits is CL 17, the other one is at CL 18. Don't know if i would really notice a difference between those 2. Here are the 2 kits I am looking at https://www.gskill.com/product/165/168/1536218671/F4-3600C17D-32GTZKWTrident-ZDDR4-3600MHz-CL17-19-19-39-1.35V32GB-(2x16GB) https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/VENGEANCE-LPX/p/CMK32GX4M2D3600C18 there is about a 10 euro difference where i am from between these 2, the G. skill one is the more expesive one
  12. So I am planning to upgrade my pc to the new Ryzen 9 5950X, but while looking at a 32 gb kit of ram(2*16gb), I noticed something called True latency. The kits i am looking at are all the same speed(3600), so i was wondering why one kit has a lower true latency than another kit.
  13. Then definitly wait till the other cards arrives and test it. keep a good look at the core speeds, since those might vary quite a bit cause of GPU boost 3.0. I personally don't care about how loud my pc gets, so i would go for the better performing one as long as it doesn't get too hot.
  14. if you bought 2 of the same card for sli, i would recommend you return the other one. having the same card will definitly work better with sli, even if it is being killed
  15. I would recommend this as well. There is a reason even Nvidia went for a different design for the 20 series. The only reason i would recommend for you to keep that card, is when if you have a small case without a lot of airflow