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  1. Long time fan, but... I have to say that I am rather disappointed in LMG's recent endorsement of the Ring surveillance system. The potential abuses of the subsidized giveaway by law enforcement [in America] are staggering, considered actual abuses perpetrated already without it. I hope LMG reconsiders their position. This is endorsement money they could easily do without.
  2. Recently, the Nvidia Gforce Experience In-game overlay won't stay off. I used to be able to turn it off in the settings, and it would stay off through re-boots, what have you, until I manually turned it back on. Now it seems to turn itself on either with a game start, of a reboot. Anybody else seeing this behavior? Any way to reestablish total manual control? I not talking about the overlay interface inself poping up on the screen at random, but the In game overlay switch (shown in the screenshot), will not stay in the 'off' position. I haven't [yet] found any "start when windows starts" option to uncheck.
  3. Thanks. I'm just looking for an OS (besides Windows), with a file system sane enough to reboot itself after after a power failure and run. But I would still like to know which distros have what file system, but that information isn't as available as I thought it would/should be.
  4. Looking to install Lunix on a home PC. I don't want to bother with a UPS. I've read ext4 can survive a power outage. Does Zorin OS use ext4? Alternatively, which Linux distro is good for surviving a power outage? Free free to add any info you think pertinent.
  5. "YouTube has announced that it will update its manual Content-ID claiming policy. Starting next month, rightsholders are forbidden from manually claiming videos that use short or unintentional music fragments. Those who repeatedly violate this new policy will have their manual claiming rights revoked. With the new policy, YouTube hopes to improve fairness in the creator ecosystem." Maybe it will help reign in the trolls. https://torrentfreak.com/youtube-forbids-monetizing-short-music-clips-through-manual-content-id-claims-100816/
  6. Of these two DNS services, which is preferred? Google at address or CloudFlare at adress Why?
  7. How does casting to a smart TV work? Which smart TV OSs are likely the best investment for future compatibility, considering current market trends?
  8. It gets even worse on the Netgear forums. You suggest something may be amiss, and you would think from the reaction, that you just said something about someone's mother. LOL!
  9. The only downsides to using a cable company supplied combo unit are, The settings may not be as configurable as some might like...guest network, bandwidth priority for streaming, whatever. The single wireless access point may, or may not, give you adequate coverage of your living space, causing wireless dead/slow spots. If you don't have problems, or need those features, you should be fine.
  10. "Today, Google announced a new feature for its Project Fi cellular service: an always-on VPN. Project Fi's VPN previously was used to encrypt traffic while connecting to a network of free public Wi-Fi hotspots, but now Google will enable the VPN for all your traffic, be it over the LTE service or a Wi-Fi connection." Original post: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/11/google-adds-always-on-vpn-to-its-project-fi-cellular-service/
  11. If condensation in the processor sockets is such a problem with these super cooled, "let's get on the top 10 leader board" PCs, why doesn't Linus just invert the PCBs such that gravity allows liquid to fall away from the electronics, instead of on them? Who cares if it drips underneath? Bracket the bloweymatrons in place, and you're good.
  12. I'll have to see how Handbrake behaves on my I7.
  13. Great! I guess the programmers at Handbrake know what they are doing. My cores all get maxed anytime I encode something. They utilize it all.
  14. I was curious from watching the video. I'm not doing all the mining nonsense.
  15. I'm running Handbrake and it maxes out all 4 cores of my I5. Do programs still have to be written specifically to take advantage of several cores, or is windows [10] getting some smarts and load balancing the work also?