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  1. I'm just wondering what scores my PC should be pulling (3900x, 1080 ti, 3600 RAM, no cooling besides what came with them) with Heaven and Superposition. I got this score with Heaven and these scores with Superposition. Let me know if you need more information, and thank you in advance if I personally forget to do so!
  2. Sam Joseph


    So I recently upgraded my CPU to a 3900x to get more use out of my 1080 ti. Naturally I looked at bechmarks to see if I got the bang for my buck. I did not. According to this site I should be getting 101 fps as the minimum at ultra settings for my 1080p set up. I get 54 in the Ancient Forest at certain areas when fighting a monster. Granted I'm using the HD Texture pack but I don't think it should tank that low because of it. What gives? Did I get unlucky? Are my parts throttled? Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance if I personally forget to do so!
  3. I ran through Widows Memory Diagnostic tool and turns out it was the RAM indeed. But the RAM is brand new (give or take a few weeks), what could I have done to already ruin it enough to cause such problems? Can you damage RAM with software issues? Or did I just put it in wrong somehow? I've attached screenshot results to to this reply.
  4. So you're saying clean installing from a Media Creation USB won't do the trick (as it's what I used to clean install Windows 10)?, I did get "Memory_Managment" BSOD a couple times yesterday and the day before that, so I'll take a look at my RAM.
  5. So my PC has been acting funny recently and I have no idea why. I've factory reset and clean installed and the problems (games crashing. "Aww snap" chrome error every once in a while) keep happening. I traced the issue to possibly my system32 being buggy, and I tried the sfc/scannow command but it gave me "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them". I'll put the CBS.log in to give the most detail I can to fix the issue, but I'm lost after that. Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance if I personally forget to do so! CBS.log
  6. The account is linked with the key I believe (if not I have the key right here). And I did do a factory reset but I'm still getting the Memory_management error I did before the reset, as well as a couple other problems like some frequent but random "Aww Snap" Google Chrome issues. It's rather upsetting.
  7. So I recently swapped out my motherboard and CPU, and reactivated Windows 10 through a Windows 8.1 key. The question is if I can do that again because I would like to clean install Windows 10 again because my PC is acting funny and I wish to not go on a goose chase to find all the little problems here and there. If you also know how to wipe every drive while clean installing, instructions on how to do that smoothly would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance if I personally forget to do so!
  8. In the past two days I have had my PC crash three times due to the same error, and I have no idea how to fix it. Three things to note; I swapped out my CPU and Motherboard recently (and plugged in an existing HDD afterwards), and my SSD (which has Windows 10 on it) has the SATA cable a little loose (so its currently a tapped to keep it secure). Any help is greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance if I personally forget to do so! I've also included the CBS.log if that helps. CBS.log
  9. Will I need to go delete the boot stuff off of my hard drive that I'll but in after making the SSD the boot drive or no?
  10. I have an SSD (which has nothing on it, haven't got around to really using it), and a regular Hard Drive with all my stuff on it. I'd like to save everything if possible, but if it comes down to it just the apps, files, and a couple folders is fine. I got a USB, and I am pretty sure I know how to at least get it on the USB (not so much how to use it after I've swapped everything out). What if I have Windows 10 digitally linked to my account? Can I use my Microsoft account to re activate it or must I have the key/go find it?
  11. I made this post a little while ago but I wasn't as specific so here's take two. As the title suggests, I'll be switching to AMD in the next couple days from my old i5-4690k to the new 3900x. And I have 0 idea what to do besides unplug everything and replug it back in. I really need you guys to be ridiculously specific so I don't miss any oversights because not only am I switching brands but I'm also switching motherboards too, all while it being my first time doing such an upgrade. I've tried looking at and for videos but they simply go over the hardware part of things when I'm unnaturally nervous about the software issues with drivers/reinstalling Widows 10 (which I've never done and have no idea how to do). Be as thorough and descriptive as possible, (though it already seems like so) describe exactly what I need to do like I've never even seen a PC in my life. Thanks in advance if I personally forget to do so!
  12. I originally planned to buy the 3900x for my 1080 ti set up, but there's a possible change in plans to get a RTX 2080 Ti with a new CPU instead. If that becomes the case, is the 3900x a better pair with the RTX 2080 Ti or the 9900k? PCWorld made a comparison article between the 3900x and 9900k that included a venn diagram that says the i9-9900k gets more use out of the souped up GPU. But I've heard that now so many more cores will be put to better use in the future once programmers and video game developers start working toward that (as long as intel doesn't get crazy ahead again), which makes that look like more of an enticing idea. Any advice or opinions are welcomed, sorry if I respond late and thank you in advance if I personally forget to do so!
  13. There's probably a better place to ask this question, but I assume most of you guys are pretty active consumers of online tech vendors and the such. As many of you know the 3900x is basically just gone everywhere (I've checked Best Buy's in a wide swath, the one Micro Center in my state, Newegg, Amazon), and I've viciously have been checking my email for the best two weeks for Neweggs auto-notify notification with no luck. I saw B&H has a pre-order option and I know they specialize in tech stuff but I've never heard anyone really look for PC parts there let alone order from them. Do you think its worth it to pre-order from them or wait out the flood of buyers and let Newegg or some other site/place sell it to me? Any opinions or leads on any way to grab myself a 3900x are greatly appreciated, sorry if I respond late and thank you in advance if I personally forget to do so!
  14. I've found myself posting here a lot recently due to the "recent" (it's been over a week and its been out of stock forever) release of the 3900x. I've been pretty certain on that being the purchase for my gaming PC (which I use for everything but 75% of the time its gaming), but all I hear is how much better intel is for gaming. I also hear that developers will be better optimizing for more cores in the next three years to bolster the new Ryzen cores. What would you more educated people do? Any opinions are welcomed.