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  1. yes it will be as long as it has g-sync
  2. you will need an monitor with g-sync games like r6 you probably wont play at 144 Hz but more in a 100-120fps range
  3. i believe Linus has good experience with this one https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812183053&cm_re=pcie_extension-_-12-183-053-_-Product
  4. hey what kind of games your playing and in what genres is your interest. and whats the model name or number of your laptop
  5. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/nrp84q I have switch out the ram for some faster cheaper ram and put a beefier power supply in it so you will be sitting on top of the efficiency. curve.
  6. yes you will but you wont utilise your CPU to the maximum of its capabilities
  7. the GPU is too weak for your CPU it says. but that doesn't really matter but its better if you get an 1500x and an 1060 6gb
  8. not anymore back when Windows 10 launched all lads with 7 or 8 got the option to upgrade to windows 10 if you did that then your code is usable for windows 10 activation
  9. you can if you upgraded that key to windows 10 back in the time.
  10. I'm only sure about that the Antec a40 will fit as the width of the heatsink is the same as the socket.
  11. https://www.arctic.ac/eu_en/products/cooling/cpu.html from the freezer Xtreme to the freezer 7 pro on this page are compatible with the lga1366 socket and this one http://antec.com/product/cooling/a40-pro.php and this one http://antec.com/product/cooling/m360-rgb.php are compatible
  12. 7gb but its not the problem rainbow has a lot of fps bugs and I experience the same thing right know i also have an gtx 1060 6gb Asus Strix (oc) and i get 38 fps stable so i believe its just another bug in the game.
  13. yes I would just buy I now the cryptocurrency is rising again so I expect that miners will buy it soon out of stocks again
  14. I would say 980 ti for 255 euros is a better bang for your buck.
  15. the FTW 3 card is the best of the 2, you won't need a GPU bracket. it might be nice it will prevent your card from hanging down on the front right spot but that's the only thing it will do.
  16. Hello, I'm active at a dating app called badoo and lately, I see some Russian girls with there phone numbers in their bio, and the fishy part about it is its constantly the same phone number and the number starts with +44 which is the prefix of the UK, not Russia. so I'm thinking about confronting the person behind the number with this just wanting to know more about this. but I'm afraid of them infecting my phone in some way so I already disabled automatic downloading, but I'm not sure if this is the only way of them infecting my phone
  17. I never heard off a water block for the Zotac 1070ti mini. but I know that they have a 1080ti with a water block Link here.
  18. I have personal very good experience with Plantronics headsets https://www.plantronics.com/nl/nl/product/rig-400-dolby-atmos
  19. then the faster kit will be better but your upgrading your existing system or?
  20. what price range you're searching in?
  21. depends on what your planning to use for but for most typical users the 2400mhz kit will be better
  22. yes try and launch a game as soon as it starts loading in textures what will be 6gb only if one or more chips came lose it would not have those 6gb of vram to loud in the textures so it will crash. benchmarks, on the other hand, will mostly not load in as many textures as a game so the card will still be fine.
  23. then I would try to get the warranty from them, I don't know Indian consumer laws. but I think think that would be your best shot. if the won't provide warranty I would send it back again to gigabitye but then ask them especially to test the vram. as this sounds like that's the problem.