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  1. sounds like a memory chip has come loose, what is the brand of the manufacturer of your GPU?
  2. I would make something like this https://pcpartpicker.com/list/x448QZ if you want 10 dollars less you can also use the p300 form phantheks
  3. what are you planning on doing with this machine?
  4. the 2 nvenc cores still will take performance away from the game an 16 core GPU will he most defiantly not need, i run an i7-7700k in my streaming rig and 2 1080ti's and my CPU never goes over 80% of use while streaming r6 and simulator games.
  5. oke if you have any questions you can always send me a pm
  6. He was telling you to get an i9 instead of the i7 I suggested but it won't do you any good in gaming. and said you would not need 2 GPU's but i put the second one there for the streaming en recording work
  7. no not in sli one will be specifically for decoding and encoding
  8. yes unleas you want to make a server it's not a big deal the board has 6 SATA slots and you plan on using 2 of them
  9. sry if my English is bad but I don't mean in the bags to go in the cargo hold, each airline will have an maximum size of the baggage you can carry on you in the plane
  10. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JTd4MZ hey man i think this will do the job for you
  11. depends on the airline you want to fly with it won't fit in a Ryanair plane for example but KLM will allow it you just need to know the maximum dimensions of the trolly you can fly with on that airline
  12. I don't know what you're looking with but I guess its not with your eyes caseking in stock amazone in stock
  13. please explain to me how a 480 dollar chip which is basically a 350 dollar chip will bring the price down of the 350 dollars one? it's just for the linus kind of people around wich just find it funny and have the connections or money to get one.
  14. I can see the i7 chip is stock by the most big retailers in the USA. and for the second question, there are (from what I know) no new chips announced, and if there is it will take a long time before the will come.
  15. you have a power button on the bottom of you mobo left of that a reset button and then some red button then you have a black button push that black button press that button then the flash led will blink
  16. are you getting a q code in the left corner of your mobo it should be a 2 digit number
  17. so it had the size of rice? in that case, you lost the lottery man.