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  1. no, it will not work as your using an AMD socket and an Intel chip the ram would not fit into the mobo as it is DDR and the mobo only can use ddr3 (this is why it would not work) next to that I see fan splitters but you don't have other fans listed a sound card and which is (probably) not needed, an cd player (just know how handy those portable USB ones are),your having not much storage I would suggest a 1tb HDD and a 250gb SSD
  2. no that's a DAC (digital to analogue converter)
  3. the Asus laptops are basically the same and the Lenovo IdeaPad's are using a core i8 so I would not go with that one
  4. I would say that with less than 16 GB of ram you have too less ram and an x370 board will be much better if you would overclock your CPU in the future https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/knLMGf
  5. I would suggest just a cheap pre-build with a 4k capture card or 1060 6gb
  6. https://www.imagicle.com/en-us/Products/IVR-Auto-Attendant you mean something like this? and do you have a PBX or a PABX
  7. clean your pc get all the dust out if that doesn't work unplug your pc fans if that works just replace them. if nothing have worked this far just get an external sound card
  8. take a look on the site of medion for a laptop with an i7 and an 1050ti will probably come the closest to your budget
  9. as far is i know Mushkin only makes server ram but you can take a look to team group night hawk sticks, second no your wrait cooler won't block your ram
  10. your mobo is dual channel, not your ram sticks but yea as long as they both have the same speed that will work but if not it will still work but then with both sticks on the speed of the slowest stick
  11. yea then the speed of the slowest stick will be applied and your CPU probably mostly won't benefit from more ram
  12. its a logbook for squirrel installer and things like that if it is taking up a lot of space you can delete it the next time you instal something it will be making a new logbook
  13. https://www.conrad.nl/nl/interface-converter-1x-sata-bus-7-polig-1x-ide-bus-40-polig-digitusbr-1020902.html
  14. don't plug it in. but did you not just switch the mobo psu side?
  15. how much ram do you have and can you see how much you use in task manger?
  16. I'm using in my loop this res (i really like the design) with this pump (attached to the res) I don't know who made my rads. I have a 1080ti Poseidon from Asus as my GPU and using an c350i from phanteks as my CPU block and this tube I used with the fittings from phanteks