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  1. I'm looking to play a prank on my office. I don't have access to the network settings, but I do have access to the server rack, and in turn the gateway wan. I'm trying to figure out a way to make everyone's browser redirect to a funny video when they attempt to surf, thinking hijacking the DNS would be the easiest solution, if I can find a device that I can put inbetween the the router and it's modem. Any other ideas or digital pranks are appreciated.
  2. Is there a Floatplane community section on the LTT forums? If not, why? Is there a place to submit bugs? Feature requests? Vote for creators to come to the platform?
  3. I need some help port forwarding Xfinity's new XB6 gigabit wireless gateway. It's an Arris TG3482G. I can port forward a range, but I can't figure out how to port forward an external port to a different internal port. So far, Comcast support is no help. Any ideas or workarounds would be appreciated. I am needing this done for my Plex server to be visible outside my network through my VPN.
  4. Thanks for the ideas, @SandMartian. I haven't yet finished the project. I haven't figured out how to bake the motion, but how would you advise that I stitch the image sequence all back together once I have it completely rendered?
  5. I would like updates for the next LTX or any meetup as well. I missed LTX2017 by a few weeks and was very frustrated. Can't wait for the next one.
  6. I'm not really asking about the differences or what everyone thinks is the better system, though. I am suggesting a video showing any performance based benefits with using one of the various OS options.
  7. But would my suggestion really fall under that thread, @DeezNoNos? It's not a review suggestion.
  8. Obviously, everyone has their own opinions on what OS is better, but it's not about that. I'd like to see a performance based battle between the OS choices (Cinebench, AIDA, gaming, etc). Windows 10 vs Windows 7 vs the top three choices of Linux (ie: Mint, Debian, Ubuntu).
  9. Hold up. Is there an official LTT video suggestion thread or not?
  10. How about a better explanation of the instruction set architectures currently in use? Briefly share other not so used varients, then explain what ISA's are, is it owned or trademarked, who owns it and how, monopoly, etc etc.
  11. @Ryan_Vickers, do you know when is the $3 pulled monthly? Can this be set to a certain date?
  12. @Sack, so they wouldn't want to do the unlisted YouTube videos like other Patreon creators? And you can receive things being a Patreon sub, as I receive posters, mugs, early release YouTube videos, merch promo codes, etc as a Patreon subscriber with another creator. The main point I am seeing in the replies then is they don't want to rely on other services. Seems like a quite a bit of overhead, just to have to compete with well established fan funding platforms. I suppose LMG has the overhead and drive for it though.
  13. I don't know why this is in "Graphics Cards" I obviously messed something up. It's supposed to be in "General"
  14. Why create Floatplane instead of just using Patreon? Is there some absurd difference or benefit? I already have Patreon and would easily join a $10 LTT Tier. This question is mainly directed at LTT Staff for a little inside information.
  15. How about a refresh of the really old videos? Starting from the first videos made for the channel and work your up. Review the original, assess any outdated or missing information, update with current tech options and what not. Maybe also add a "(Legacy)" tag to the end of the original title? Idk. For example, the old Install an AMD CPU is all based on the pin and socket cpu types. You could update this with current gen stuff for the blue team, with additional advice like being careful not to bend any arms, or adding in proper thermal paste application. I know there are separate videos explaining the new LGA sockets and what thermal paste is, but this is just an example.