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  1. Any suggestions for a Ubiquiti competitor that has a quality aesthetic and cover similar avenues? (ie: networking, cameras, access, etc)
  2. I successfully installed Plex Media Server on my headless Debian server, but I am having trouble tunneling to it so that I can complete the initial config of Plex. I'm using KiTTY, entering my VM external IP as the destination host, the source port at 8888, and destination as localhost:32400. After opening it asks for a login, and no matter what I enter it states that "no supported authentication methods available." I've also added a firewall exception of and attached it to the VM. Can anyone help?
  3. I need to run mic audio to my PlayStation with line audio going back to my computer. I've been using a basic USB analog converter to my computer but there is quite a bit of noise back and forth. Was hoping going USB all they way would keep out the interference but it seems what I'm looking for doesn't actually exist... Suggestions besides an isolator or DAC?
  4. I popped it in a Dell Optiplex 390, and no dice. Hoping it's a card issue, it'd be easier to replace. Updating the bios to A14 to verify.
  5. So, @SlayerOfHellWyrm, you're pretty much saying I'm SOL. Was hoping for some better news... I am looking to update the BIOS, so any suggestions besides HP Assistant are appreciated. It's a Gigabyte board but because it is OEM an update is hard to find...
  6. I am attempting to install a Magewell XI400DE-HDMI Gen1 PCIEx4 capture card, however nothing I do brings it up in device manager. Help? Verified all slots working with an Elgato HD60 Pro. Most troubleshooting involved the Magewell in the x16 slot. Changed settings for; Legacy Mode, Slot Security, Secure Boot, SERR Generation. Attempting to install drivers from Magewell, here, results in the installation erroring "Can't Find Adapter" and closing. The card becomes warm, and no diodes or chips appear damaged. HP Envy H8-1534, AMD FX-6350 3.9Ghz, 8GB M3970AM-HP (Angeli
  7. My spanned volume on secondary drives keeps disappearing, seemingly becoming inaccessible when the computer idles. When I load DiskMgmt.MSC it automatically comes back as if nothing is wrong. Power management is set to never power off drives. It's my Plex Server so when it disappears Plex stops working. I believe it has something to do with the "Spanned Volume" part as I have an identical server with a hardware raid secondary drive that never disappears. Any advice, besides upgrade to Win 10? Dell PowerEdge 2900, Dell SAS6 w/ SAS1068E Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, Dual Xeon E5420 2.
  8. I'm looking to play a prank on my office. I don't have access to the network settings, but I do have access to the server rack, and in turn the gateway wan. I'm trying to figure out a way to make everyone's browser redirect to a funny video when they attempt to surf, thinking hijacking the DNS would be the easiest solution, if I can find a device that I can put inbetween the the router and it's modem. Any other ideas or digital pranks are appreciated.
  9. Is there a Floatplane community section on the LTT forums? If not, why? Is there a place to submit bugs? Feature requests? Vote for creators to come to the platform?
  10. I need some help port forwarding Xfinity's new XB6 gigabit wireless gateway. It's an Arris TG3482G. I can port forward a range, but I can't figure out how to port forward an external port to a different internal port. So far, Comcast support is no help. Any ideas or workarounds would be appreciated. I am needing this done for my Plex server to be visible outside my network through my VPN.
  11. Thanks for the ideas, @SandMartian. I haven't yet finished the project. I haven't figured out how to bake the motion, but how would you advise that I stitch the image sequence all back together once I have it completely rendered?
  12. I would like updates for the next LTX or any meetup as well. I missed LTX2017 by a few weeks and was very frustrated. Can't wait for the next one.
  13. I'm not really asking about the differences or what everyone thinks is the better system, though. I am suggesting a video showing any performance based benefits with using one of the various OS options.
  14. But would my suggestion really fall under that thread, @DeezNoNos? It's not a review suggestion.
  15. Obviously, everyone has their own opinions on what OS is better, but it's not about that. I'd like to see a performance based battle between the OS choices (Cinebench, AIDA, gaming, etc). Windows 10 vs Windows 7 vs the top three choices of Linux (ie: Mint, Debian, Ubuntu).