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  1. Need help choosing parts

    Well in the UK (Where i'm from) i only really trust places like Amazon and Ebuyer no idea what Newegg is like for UK as i'd never even heard of them till i watched Linus's videos Don't wanna go EBay for obvious reasons, plus second hand market isn't that big here
  2. My desktop at the moment is rather old (Using 3rd gen i7 and DDR3 RAM old) and due to real life (i have a full time job plus looking after my own property) i don't have time to really keep up to date with all the component releases that have happened in recent years As i'm planing on upgrading my machine i need to do some research into components, now i can re-use a lot from my current build I'll re-use - Storage (128GB SSD and a 2TB HDD) - GPU (GTX 1050Ti) - PSU (700W can't remember brand however) Because i'm thinking of going Ryzen i won't be able to use my cooler My budget is around £600 for the following - Motherboard - CPU - RAM - Cooler - Maybe a new case For my case i don't need a tempered glass side panel as my machine is placed in a hole in my desk EDIT: Will mainly be using for gaming with the odd bit of video editing/workstation work (I sometimes work from home; work as IT Support) Any suggestions would be great
  3. csgo in 2018

    I always feel that CS:GO was basically CS:S But with a COD feel to it, which i hated, CS:S is still better in my eyes
  4. I REALLY don't like Apple.

    Out of curiosity do you have any evidence to support that? Not hating i'm just wanting to compare spec's of machines as it might be down to having an under-powered Windows machine during testing which of course would scew results of ANY test
  5. I REALLY don't like Apple.

    I have a problem with both, but it is more the blind obedience of the fanboys. To me they are they kind of people that would say "how high?" If Apple asked them to Jump
  6. Good pizza?

    Outside of actually going to Rome either Zizzi's or Prezzo make GREAT pizza's I find Dominos to "fatty" and greasy; not proper Pizza to me. I'll still eat it, but when i think Pizza i don't jump to Dominos i think Italian Restaurant
  7. I REALLY don't like Apple.

    Hate for me is a strong word, i really don't like how Apple fanboys always claim that whenever something gets big that Apple did first case and point with the Mouse, who's patent was actually filled in 1914 and was first released on a Non Apple computer around 2 years before Apple's Mac went on sale and 'popularised' it I've said for a while Apple don't invent they just make pre-existing technology popular But generally i dislike the "Apple Tax" on all their products for really average (or sometimes even subpar) components. I will give them this though they basically held the market for portable music players for YEARS; however that ended when they decided to end the iPod Classic; that killed it for me, i don't wanna spend £400 to get a music player with 3/4 of the storage of my iPod Classic which i had for 9 years and cost at the time £170 I personally don't see a reason for buying a Mac as anything that you would normally do on a Mac you can do on the PC as everything uses dedicated software nowadays, maybe with the exception of DJ'ing but i have little knowledge on that
  8. LTX 2018 Announcement!

    I thought they were gonna troll Linus with a cardboard model if what he got rather than what he got Keeping it vague for people who haven't watched it
  9. Well there's your problem
  10. Best way to cool a room without air conditioning?

    Have the window open but install a "bug net" which hangs over the windows and it serves as a way to stop creepy crawlies (Something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/WHITE-INSECT-MOSQUITO-WINDOW-SCREEN/dp/B00J8IBGMQ). Also open your curtains or blinds when the sun ISN'T in the room and then close them as soon as it does, you'd be surprised how much that helps, also open other windows to try and get a through draft. I personally don't like fans as they waste electricity and don't actually cool the room just blows warm air in your face, i would recommend cooling yourself rather than the room. It's a lot easier to do Run your wrists under cold water for a couple of minutes, due to how close the blood vessels are to the surface of your skin it gives the effect of cooling your whole body by cooling the blood, i've also heard placing a bowl of ice water on the floor and over time the evaporating vaper will cool the air, not sure on this one though Failing that a cold shower works wonders I'm also in the UK and facing worse problems as my windows are floor to ceiling ones (new build) Also try to keep your door open when possible to air-out the entire flat
  11. Sky does have a HELL of a lot more channels but i'd argue not enough diverse content for the £35 a month extra cost, granted you can get things like Stargate Atlantis on Sky that you can't get on Netflix there are a lot of animal documentaries on UK netflix Plus The whole recording of programs is kind of null and void with Netflix
  12. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords
  13. It's cos a HD Netflix Subscription costs around £10 a month to get SkyTV it's like £45 a month for a decent package
  14. Our best effort still SUCKS - Sketchy Heatsinks 3

    "Top Gear: Ambitious But Rubbish" I believe that's what this video set out to prove as it's mentality
  15. Doesn't mean it makes sense to do it that way I mean a company releasing a game that is buggy and then not offering patches for 6 months. Game still works but doesn't mean it makes sense to release it without it either being Bug free (or as close as it cane be) or bug fixes within a reasonable time