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  1. Tcrumpen

    Is it worth the money?

    Then i'd HIGHLY advise asking to look round it first before you start talking price. Now if you know cars thats great; but if not bring someone along who does know it, maybe you have a friend who's a mechanic? And for that £1000 is the absolute MAX i'd go
  2. Tcrumpen

    Is it worth the money?

    The guy wants a grand for that?? Even though i don't know cars that's being optimistic, i'd say not even £500 due to the rust and the damage on the car; also what's it's mileage?
  3. It's more things with the mobo that are starting to go wrong like USB ports suddenly deciding they don't want to recognise what's plugged into them (which is solved by simply restarting) and to buy a replacement Mobo for a 3rd gen intel processor will be quite hard to find at least in the UK where the second hand market isn't very strong generally
  4. I already upgraded my GPU and as i'm not gaming at 4K i feel no need to go any higher than my 1050 Ti
  5. GPU = 1050 Ti Monitor = Not actually a monitor but a TV. Due to lack of space in my flat i don't have room for a separate desk for my PC so i use my TV as a monitor
  6. Yeah i'm not looking at upgrading right now. I can handle the little gemlins that come my way
  7. That is quite a price difference, obviously account for conversion rates to (I'm UK)
  8. That's a good point. Thinking about it this is gonna be fairly expensive as the parts i need to replace are the some of the most expensive ones really Mobo, RAM, PSU, CPU and Cooler
  9. I don't mind waiting, i do IT as a job so any of the gremlins that arise i can solve. I was informed that Ryzen is kinda not needed if you're not going to be taking advantage of the benefits of Ryzen. Plus i don't plan on overclocking as none of the games i run right now struggle in terms of FPS
  10. Currently i have a 3rd gen i7; was top of the line when i got it. However my machine is starting to have little gremlins which is making me consider (finally) upgrading my machine to something more modern, I'd reuse a lot of stuff from my previous build (mainly SSDs, HDDs and GPU) therefore will be building my own machine That being said part of me wants to get an i7 beacuse that's what i had before but when i look at the price. It's really high which got me thinking, is a i7 actually NEEDED for gaming anymore. If i'm not gaming i'm onyl watching netflix etc. i don't do VFX work anymore so i know i don't need Ryzen Games i will be playing - SMITE - Warframe - Skyrim SE - Dishoured - Old RTS games which obviously could run on a phone at this point I'm fairly sure none of these are CPU intensive like GTA is known to be
  11. Tcrumpen

    What song are you listening to right now.

    This is the biggest shock i've ever had while listening to a song. A complete 180 from their normal work but holy damn does it work. Only came across it a few days ago (Not a huge Disturbed fan)
  12. Tcrumpen

    What the latest game you bought?

    If today goes as planned, Dishonoured, Age of Mythology and Age of Empires II Thank god for Steam sales
  13. Google Drive backup can do both of these, Also if you have a SD card installed you can even backup the phone t the SD cards (includes text messages)
  14. Tcrumpen

    Experiences with non-techies

    PICNIC = Problem In Chair Not In Computer
  15. Tcrumpen

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Megadeth track with a channel logo of MoP by Metallica. Let the war begin