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    Intel Core i7 6700K
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    Something that hopefully won't explode for a while :)
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    16 GB DDR4
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    Geforce GTX 1080 FE
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    256 GB SSD 2TB HDD
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    ASUS PB287Q
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    Liquid Cooling for CPU
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    K95 RGB Platinum
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Kotion Each G4000
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    Windows 10 Home

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    Being processed by your frontal lobe right about . . . now!
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    PC Gaming 74% , Math 0.15% , Science 0.35% , Soccer 0.07% , Basketball 0.08% , Football 0.08% , Baseball 0.07% , Anime 25% , Movies 0.20%
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    I'm 13 years old. I have a deep passion for high-end, custom-built PC's (I have a high-end PC but sadly, I didn't build it). I make pretty good grades (decent enough to get my parents to buy me a $1200 PC, $200 keyboard, and $60 mouse. I'm pretty good at Overwatch, a.k.a, life (can play around 4 players well but still bronze...). I want to be a surgeon when I come of age. I love dead memes (instantly gets bulletproof clothes and materials). I love sports (not that I'm good at them). I have a YouTube account (not popular). That's about it!!
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    8th grader

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  1. Liquid or air.

  2. Looking for a new Phone

    He asked what what shown between 3:12-3:20.
  3. Looking for a new Phone

    It's some samples of the camera.
  4. Time to upgrade my monitor

    The Dell S2716 is pretty good.
  5. Well, I guess too much shouldn't hurt, so you say I can be able to do all that without causing too much problems. I'm using an 8700K for all of this. I'm worried that in the future, when 4K 144Hz monitors come out, it will have too much effect on my performance.
  6. I don't want to do it on my main PC so I can get the most frames.
  7. OK, let me phrase this better. Is there anyway to record or stream whatever is on my main gaming PC, but also have a webcam and chromakey?
  8. I was going to use the Elgato 4K60 Pro. Then where is it an option.
  9. No, I'm using the capture card as the encoder.
  10. I wanted to control my recording and streaming with OBS. I want to use a capture card as an encoder, have a custom webcam, and use chromakey—all without stressing my main gaming PC so i can have the most frames possible. Do i need a powerful CPU for this?
  11. AIO Water Cooled GPU's

    Corsair has a watercooled 1080 TI.
  12. Is a capture card recommended?

    If you have another system, can I use do anything I want on that (OBS, webcam, chromakey etc.) and not put any stress on my gaming PC.