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  1. it would not its the ltx ticket
  2. Nope you can't get them online anymore
  3. yes i understand that i was making a joke innit
  4. until

    13th to 20th will then you do it at LTX orrrr
  5. if i sprain my leg i am going to have to give up my first born to pay for fees i hope its never in USA just save money for like 2019
  6. You know from Washington you can swim to BC I was right next to the lake and i could see Washington not a bad swim tbh
  7. Reason i asked for the biggest shirt possible is to get everyone's signature and i mean everyone's signature
  8. Skytrain is dope you can see some of Vancouver aswell
  9. Ah if you where going to ltx i don't think flight tickets are cheap from tubthumping love that song
  10. is it possible to edit my order for the ltx tickets? because i put the wrong shirt size. -Owain
  11. See you there possibly
  12. Gta 5 With NVR + MVGA + Redux + all real life car mods + 4k water textures + custom trees all running max settings at 4k or maybe some skyrim 8k mod
  13. Do i have to arrive at the time it starts or can i arrive a bit late?