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    It's Superman,.. No It's A Plane...No It's Just A Bird

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    Charleston, South Carolina
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    Politics, Legal Studies, Gaming, PCs
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    "I'm not playing a role. I'm being myself, whatever the hell that is."
    --Bea Arthur
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    Verizon Communications


  • CPU
    i5 7600k
  • Motherboard
    MSI B250 PCmate (I Know)
  • RAM
    Asgard Leorice DDR4 Ram (8GX2) 2400MHZ
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1060 Aero ITX 3G OC
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide 300R
  • Storage
    SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB
  • PSU
    EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G3, 80 Plus Gold 550W
  • Display(s)
    Not Worth It
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
  • Keyboard
    Not Worth It
  • Mouse
    Not Worth It
  • Sound
    Not Worth It
  • Operating System
    Windows 10.1

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  1. balewis2

    Reasonable Price?

    I would think at least $800
  2. balewis2

    Reasonable Price?

    Can Someone Tell Me What Would Be A Good Price If I was Going To Resale This Right Now? Would also come with a NETGEAR A7000 WiFi USB3.0 Adapter, EVGA 550 G3 550 WALT GOLD POWER SUPPLY, HYPER 212 EVO FAN, *I apologize if this is not the right place to post*
  3. I built a pc mostly for mid-level gaming with the rest of the usage being dedicated to my school work. I've been primarily running PUBG and have been experiencing a problem where I can't seem to pinpoint the issue. After I turn my computer on, usually for the first time of the day, I start PUBG and after playing maybe 5 or 10 minutes of the game the pc crashes to the Blue Screen with a stop code listing Memory_Management as the issue.This happens almost everytime I during the first time I turn the pc on and go into gaming, it usually runs fine after it restarts where I can then play PUBG. Last night it did the usual crash but even after it crashed the first time it then did it again on the second run. I took the stop code for face value and check my MSI b250 motherboard compatibility for my Asgard Leorice Ram and did discover that Asgard wasn't listed as officially compatible with the motherboard. I then looked up the reasoning for the specific stop code and ran a CMD sfc /scannow and mdsched.exe that checked for system errors as well as ran a system memory check. There were no errors found on those checks. The next thing I did was look for a Ram Stress Tester and came up short. While I was looking I noticed Furmark and just decided to give it a try to see what 1060 3gb would get on the benchmark. I ran it for maybe 10 minutes while monitoring the CPU and GPU temps and frames. 1060 started to push 70 degrees Celsius with about 14% Mem Usage and 28% CPU usage. I ran the test under the same settings as I run PUBG. After stabling on 70 degrees Celsius for about 2 minutes the pc crashed again. At this point, I don't know whether it's the Ram or the Graphics card. I did re-sit my ram making sure they were in the dual channel and I did a re-sit of the GPU. The computer restarted and I ran Furmark again to confirm. and it's been stabilized at 70 degrees celsius for about 15 minutes with no crash. Can someone please help me with this problem? Thanks in advance, and to let you know early on that I am a noob. CPU i5 7600k Motherboard MSI B250 PCmate (I Know) RAM Asgard Leorice DDR4 Ram (8GX2) 2400MHZ GPU MSI GTX 1060 Aero ITX 3G OC Case Corsair Carbide 300R Storage SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB PSU EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G3, 80 Plus Gold 550W Cooling Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
  4. I would love to click on your "Informative" like buttons to actually see all the posts you saw as informative. #possibleupdates

  5. balewis2

    My Grandma's GameCom Planatronics

    lol indeed it does
  6. balewis2

    My Grandma's GameCom Planatronics

    Hey so I found this headphone set in an old box in my Grandma's attic. I know its dusty and dirty but I've since had it cleaned. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this particular headphone set? I find it to be veeerrry comfortable and I used it earlier to play some non-competitive play on Overwatch and it did the job. I don't have any idea how my grandma came across the set, although she is somewhat of a compulsive buyer. Was it popular in its day?
  7. Or have done better research on my end, seeming as this post is a couple of days old
  8. I wish I would've saw this a couple of months ago
  9. balewis2

    Summer PC/First Build

    Thanks, lesson learned
  10. balewis2

    Summer PC/First Build

    I haven't forgotten about my storage, I'm just carrying it over from my old PC since I recently bought a new 3tb HD Maybe I should've clarified in the beginning, but I now own the parts in my original list. The reason for this posting is to help me in the future, so with that being said, I do appreciate this list and advice.
  11. balewis2

    Summer PC/First Build

    i like the case,cpu cooler, storage, and I am actually liking the i5 7600k. I got it for $190 and it has me impressed. Although im coming from a i5 2320 so it didn't take much to impress me.
  12. balewis2

    Summer PC/First Build

    At the moment it was $850
  13. balewis2

    Summer PC/First Build

    Thanks for the advice
  14. balewis2

    Summer PC/First Build

    I get it and I do respect your opinion and help. I'm honestly not looking to overclock much but I am interested in the tinkering of things and trying new things out, so eventually I will update both CPU and mobo. In regards to the GPU, I did mention that this was more or less temporary with the exception of the case, ssd, cpu and mobo (somewhat temp), and I fully expect to be moving to a 1070 in the fall, and maybe looking into the Coffelake after some months of crowd testing . Although I do respect your statements, I don't believe the GTX 3gb is as "trash" as those statements try to prove. For the tasks and gaming that I want to do in the mean time I believe this will do fine for me.