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  1. Does your current system work fine for your task? It seems like it should, fortnite isn't really that intensive, so I don't see why an upgrade is necessary if you don't need one. if you're planning on streaming, upgrading your cpu would be a fine choice. If you plan on playing more intense games with rtx, then the 3070 seems like a good idea. But idk if you're going to do either.
  2. Prop 22 is supported by Uber huh? No wonder I always get "vOte yEs oN prOp 22" ads on youtube all the time
  3. Huh for some benchmarks it actually scaled a lot better than I would have thought
  4. I would compare it more to a reaction video. If you pay for a movie and react to it on youtube, my understanding is that it can fall under fair use (not a lawyer obviously). With streamers, through playing the game, potentially editing it and adding their reaction to it, I would argue that it does not fall under copyright and they shouldn't have to pay extra.
  5. The OP is about how Twitch/Youtube gaming/whatever other platform streamers, not people game streaming from Stadia. The only relation it has to Stadia is that the person who tweeted this also was a creative director at Stadia.
  6. I mean in a sense they are paying the game developers in a way that is far more effective than just money. If it weren't for streaming, games like Among Us, Fortnite, PUBG, and pretty much any other game that has been a major phenomenon over the past few years would be unheard of. Game streaming is extremely lucrative for devs as its basically free advertising
  7. This doesn't make java into bedrock though. You still get benefits of Java, such as a better modding community, better servers, earlier updates/snapshots etc. Only difference is that you now just use a microsoft account instead of a mojang account. (Also, if you bought minecraft a long time ago, you got bedrock for free) I like this. I prefer having all my stuff tied to one account because logins are easier. Also free cape
  8. Probably, I've only heard of it through the internet
  9. I mean capsaicin has a lethal dose, but I don't think you'll ever be able to reach it through eating chillis, you'll probably just throw up first. I've heard of allergies to peppers, maybe OP is allergic?
  10. These are probably very wrong 1. Kalih blue 2. MX Brown 3. MX speed Edit: I didnt read the op properly, idk that it was all from one type of keyboard. My original no 1 guess was razer green but idk if you can get that for a non razer keyboard.
  11. I mean you could always just try with one GPU and see the results. I don't see why it would though (unless I missed something)
  12. Distance - scalar, how far an object moves from reference point in total, always positive Displacement - vector, how far the object moves from reference point (distance and direction of object) So basically, in this scenario distance would be the total length the runner ran , and the displacement would be how far the runner would be from the point which he started. Since it is a circle, you will need to draw it out and then compare the distances between the two points
  13. Which games? Generally you should be fine for 1080p 60fps at high or medium settings I am also assuming you're not getting ripped off at those prices
  14. the guy in the pic isn't even resting his back on the chair, might as well use a stool lol
  15. Honestly I don't even know if it's a pyramid scheme at this pint because they would have just ran away with the money a long time ago if that were the case.
  16. not who you were talking to, but sometimes you see blue salt and just wanna know if it tastes salty (spoiler alert, it doesn't)
  17. You got an error code earlier, maybe try searching that up? Your user account for Windows is an admin account right?
  18. Yeah the account you use needs to be tied with gamepass Hmm that means that gamepass itself is likely working fine. I would probably try googling the issue at this point, because I had the same issue when I started playing flight sim and the methods I gave were the ones that worked for me. maybe try restarting your computer? as a last resort you can try reinstalling the game
  19. No your standard Xbox account should be fine as long as it's the same one which has gamepass. Insider is only to test betas and stuff like that do any other gamepass games work? Or are all of them broken?
  20. right click on the app, and then click "run as administrator". A pop up should come and ask if you want the app to modify your device (or something along those lines), click "yes"
  21. Just called "Xbox". Sign in to it using the MS account that you used for gamepass and then launch the game