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  1. I got an MSI 970 Gaming motherboard and im wondering would internal raid controller work with a SATA multiplier, like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Expansion-Card-1-to-5-Port-SATA-3-0-Controller-Motherboard-6Gbps-Multiplier-S-L/401768653623?hash=item5d8b472337:g:xnIAAOSwXLZc3l9S According to this page, it says my motherboard should support the multiplier https://ata.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/SATA_hardware_features Im still uncertain since AMD raid drivers are kinda dogshit and well 970 chipset is notorious in general. Has anyone had any luck running raid with sata multipliers on consumer motherboards?
  2. Let's say hypothetically you wanted to use 1TB SSD as a battery and you write 1 on all cells, how much in terms of milliamp-hours would that get ya?
  3. Im not asking if it's practical or worth it, just is it physically possible for such a thing to exist? You know how stuff like flour, sawdust etc. can explode when mixed with air in fine dust cloud... Can that be done inside an engine and make it run assuming somehow you can inject the air/fuel dust? Maybe a hot-bulb engine with forced induction that has teflon(or some other solid lubricant) coated cylinder walls and pistons? Could that work? Probably not for long time, but can it at all?
  4. I remember these form school, but "construction set" costs a fortune while i only need those long bracket thingys, but i don't know how they're called or how and where to search for them. Can they be ordered from China cheap? What do i need to type? Sorry for posting in general, im not sure in which subforum this thread belongs, but i need the brackets for modding the case.
  5. OMG i would kill to have a wall of extruded aluminium fins, that sounds epic as hell.
  6. If some one was making an uber-gaming fully fanless 0db pc and wanted to passive cool a 2080ti what other option would there be? Maybe it's just me, but i kinda like the cool factor of having big aluminum chungus in the room. Also seems like there are 500W capable ones out there that are 35cm, dunno the price tho.
  7. I've noticed high performance passive coolers kinda wen't out of fashion and even the best of the old behemoths could only handle about 90W of heat. But it seems like high performance passive coolers are alive and well just not in PC market, but in LED flashlight market... For example look at this 300W TDP 3.6Kg 26cm behemoth https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/low-temperature-hi-bay-led-heatsink_60702691471.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.42.4a7e5d17cbE8r1 I don't imagine it would be too hard to DIY mount it on CPU if motherboard is in horizontal case, it would also help with convection cooling effect. What do you guys think?
  8. That static can kill your PC... Many times when i was static charged i would get zapped when trying to plug in usb, the spark would go from my finger to usb port metal shield/ground, nothing would happen to pc, id get a unpleasant shock on the other hand, happened many times in the office.
  9. Recently i got my self a subwoofer and you know how it is when you get a new pc part or toy, you run all the benchmarks and demanding games and stuff to test it out for fun and curiosity... Well after i got bored of blasting EDM songs at high volume, i've found some online frequency/tone generator, i learned that 22Hz is great leg massager i also noticed that various objects around my room would rattle(more than usual at that volume) at different frequencies, i guess that resonance? The part that really scared me was at around 70Hz there was vary rattly sound coming from PC, kinda sound like when hard drive is vary fragmented and working vary hard, now lucky all my hdd's are fine, so it could have been just fan bearings that were rattling under vibration, but that got me thinking, could such vibrations damage hard drive? Is there any data/tests or something regarding sound impact on hard drives? It seems like loud sounds can interfere with operation and make hdds slower, but can it damage them too?
  10. Okay i did some digging and it seems it can't be done because GPU passthrough doesn't work on Windows host
  11. After watching Linus's episode i got interested in that bargain card (so lucky that it's available in my country for not bad price), but i have a problem... My motherboard (MSI 970 Gaming) doesn't have onboard graphics and im running Windows 7 (OS reinstall in not an option due to my job) I was planning on installing Windows 10 Virtual Machine because of the UWP exclusive games and DX12 anyway, so im wondering would P106 be able to work with VM (via PCI passthrough)?
  12. Using Gallium should be enough, if not Galinstan (or similar alloy) can be used instead
  13. Okay the title is a little clik-baity, but it's true in principle. Idea is to create liquid cooling loop, but instead of water put liquid metal and instead of regular pump put electromagnetic pump (should be simple-ish to make diy one) and maybe instead of regular radiator put a passive one since the pump is not gonna have any moving parts might as well make it a 0 db cooling uber gaming pc What do ya guys think?