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  1. If that is a review than my third-grade story telling is equvilant to Shakespeare. A review that doesn't feature any high detail testing is not a review, it is simply a reading of specifications, the average joe can do that.
  2. Would probably opt for a CX 550W, for some reason, Corsair only opted for a single PCIe 8pin power cable for the 450W model.
  3. Pricing is out for the coolers, $59.99, $75.99 and $89.99 for the 120mm, 240mm and 280mm respectively: https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-Liquid-Freezer-All-One/dp/B07WSDLRVP?th=1 Tomshardware Review: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/arctic-liquid-freezer-ii-280-all-in-one-cpu-cooler,6376-2.html
  4. The VRM fan is certainly not new, Cryorig previously had a fan angled on the block towards the VRMs of a larger size, which in theory is a much better solution. Knowing Arctic's pricing this is likely to be VERY competitive, due to their minimalist packaging. Arctic is still swinging strong.
  5. You can say that again, especially if anyone talks badly about Seasonic/EVGA. They do allow PSAs, but they do not get pinned, so probably it would be top of the sub for a couple weeks, maybe that is enough? But if you do convince yourself to post on reddit to teach those braind-dead-plebs, I will heavily support you. If you do not want to bother, if you give me your permission, I can do it on your behalf.
  6. I know the Buildapc Reddit is unrelated to this forum. But a post like this would do wonders there.
  7. The f14lab review demonstrates high load on 12v and low load on minor deviating the 12v rail by .367v, not great performance by any stretch of the imagination, and these results are consistent with other reviews. OPP of the unit doesn't even work properly, in Computerbase DE's testing, when OPP kicked in the 12v rail was as low as 8.7v. So what is certain, the GB Bronze platform flops during protection tests, and cross-load testing it flops (which is expected for a group regulated units). Whilst other performance is decent, the previous two issues make it an instant no-buy for me. EDIT: More Seasonic GB Bronze platforms failing: https://www.techpowerup.com/review/antec-hcg-620/7.html This time, the 5v rail goes out of spec on high minor rail load. High 12v rail with low minor gives a near -0,4 voltage deviation. It also fails during transient response tests. I'd hate to be the one to say that x reviews are invalid, but generally the reviews that feature protections testing tend to have more weight. Because a unit can perform fine, but lacking certain protections, or those protections not working is a deal-killer.
  8. System Power 9 400W, bottom left of the first screen shot, which might I add is cheaper than any GB Bronze platform units you had listed.
  9. Nothing gives me a chub more than group regulation units having semi-decent regulation then getting absolutely shit on cross loads.
  10. Seasonic GB Bronze: XFX XT: Please, before you continue, observe the above.
  11. So are you going to provide a source or just do a fanboy screech? Reee, these people hate this unit because its actually trash, how dare they insult my senpai Seasonic. https://www.computerbase.de/2017-07/cooler-master-cougar-xfx-zalman-netzteil-test/ That is a review of the XFX XT Bronze, based on the very Seasonic GB Bronze platform the M12II used, and the original S12 used back in 2009. Most notably in that review is that cross loads put the voltage out of specification (i.e the every day load), and lacks OTP (and doesn't have any pseudo implementation of it). It doesn't take a genius to understand something that is a decade old is not a good fit for modern systems, like how you wouldn't match a GTX 280 with a Ryzen 5, but I might retract that comment due to this circumstance.
  12. So what's the chances of the platform, I am betting its not going to be a custom design with EVGAs history. And judging by the current FSP platforms quality doesnt look spectacular.
  13. @OrionFOTL @LukeSavenije The report on the release of the unit (GD, 2019) reported the OEM as FSP from Tomshardware Computex reporting in May.