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  1. coop152

    The m.2 SATA pricing doesn’t make sense

    okay nevermind buy the 960 pro. You see how on userbenchmark more people have the 960 even though it doesn't compare that well? Cause it's easy to brag when everybody knows what it is. Say that you have an "ADATA XPG SX8200 480GB" and nobody would care unless you shoved it's specs in their face
  2. coop152

    The m.2 SATA pricing doesn’t make sense

    The difference is cause i mixed up the 860 pro and the 860 evo. It doesnt change my point so just ignore my goof I never said that wasn't the case. What i said is that the price difference you found and listed at the top is a bad comparison because the samsung option will always cost more regardless of performance. I know that m.2 is always better in this situation, im just saying that the adata drive is cheaper because its a cheap brand and not because m.2 is cheaper overall. My point is that m.2 and SATA drives are generally the same price if you go for the same "quality", which i meant to show with the links. Don't think im trying to say that the 860 pro is worth it because it obviously isn't. new question: Most definitely not worth it. If you want the quality just buy the 960 instead. It's the same brand so it will be just as high quality (assuming there is a difference in the first place) while being faster than the ADATA m.2 drive and roughly the same price as the 860. As for speed, check these graphs: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/adata-xpg-sx8200-ssd-review,5584-3.html tl;dr: overall, probably just buy the ADATA one. The 960 seems geared towards professional work like video editing with its high write speed so unless you do specific stuff like that it doesn't matter
  3. coop152

    The m.2 SATA pricing doesn’t make sense

    You don't seem to have understood. Here is a link showing a comparison between the 860 pro and a similarly priced ADATA sata SSD: http://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Samsung-860-Pro-256GB-vs-Adata-Premier-SP550-240GB/3950vs3623 Here is the comparison between that SSD and the nvme one. http://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Adata-XPG-SX8200-NVMe-PCIe-M2-240GB-vs-Adata-Premier-SP550-240GB/m480586vs3623 As you can see, the two adata SSDs cost about the same but the m.2 one is better. They cost the same because they are both budget brand products. Performance isnt the point. The 860 costs more than the other two because it has more expensive components and is from a more premium brand. The 860 could never be as good as the NVMe ADATA drive because of the SATA interface, but it is better than the similarly priced SATA ADATA drive. A better comparison is a 960 vs your ADATA m.2 drive. http://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Adata-XPG-SX8200-NVMe-PCIe-M2-480GB-vs-Samsung-970-Pro-NVMe-PCIe-M2-512GB/m482768vsm498971 See how the 960 costs more than the ADATA drive? Both samsung drives are better than their ADATA counterparts, and cost more as a consequence. Like I said, its about the brand (and the cost to manufacture) more than performance.
  4. coop152

    The m.2 SATA pricing doesn’t make sense

    The only difference (other than that those are obviously different brands) is the form factor and the connector. M.2 has direct pci-e lines to the CPU so it can perform much better than SATA, which needs to go through a controller. There is no reason for it to cost more than a normal SSD because it IS a normal SSD. (edit: just realised i barely answered your question at all, lol) The m.2 SSD you picked out is so cheap in comparison because its not a "premium" brand. I'm not saying the Samsung one is better, just saying it would cost more either way. if you compare more equal drives like the 860 pro you posted and a 960 pro you will find that the 960 pro costs a bit more. It probably isn't even because of the change to m.2, as the 960 is newer than the 860 so you would think that it would cost more. If you could get an m.2 version of the 860 pro i'm sure it would cost about the same with better performance.
  5. Theoretically, the Ubuntu server should be faster because you can run it from the command line to save resources and the software is very customisable. I don't think it matters in a real world situation, though. Just use the OS that does what you want and if both can do it then decide based on your personal OS preference.
  6. coop152


    I am sure that lsass.exe should not be accessing the internet. The file itself is a real part of windows and it's in the right directory but for peace of mind you should block it from accessing the internet using your firewall. You can also use the windows 10 install media to get a new copy of the file, as the file may have been replaced by a modified version. Unimportant info ahead:
  7. coop152

    Good or Bad Build?

    Looking good, but that liquid cooler is really pointless. The stock cooler will overclock to 3.8/3.9 at pretty alright temps, you could just get a hyper 212 EVO or a similar budget air cooler and save a bit.
  8. I don't think anybody is going to be buying the Ryzen 3 1200, 1300X or Ryzen 5 1400's anymore cause for the same price they can get a cpu with free integrated graphics I think the first ones that will be worth upgrading to are going to be ryzen 2's imo because i don't think zen+ has enough time to really make a difference. Sadly the roadmaps make it look like ryzen 2 is set for 2019 release, so eeeh I bet zen+ is gonna come out later this year when people are really thinking about upgrading (especially ryzen 3 users) and do something small but important like improving single core performance to make people really want to upgrade from first gen ryzen/APUs.
  9. I think you're kinda missing the point. Its (mostly) for people that don't have a computer yet/haven't upgraded yet that wanted Ryzen but couldn't get it at launch. You aren't meant to re-buy every time they release a new one. The APUs are basically replacements for some of the previous gen CPUs because they cost the same or less and have integrated graphics and slightly improved performance.
  10. coop152

    AMD Ryzen build help

    A Ryzen 1700 is definitely not going to bottleneck an RX 580, and the 8700k is not a good value with that GPU. MX500 is also a good, reliable choice as long as OP can get it cheaper than an 850 EVO. Can you provide any evidence of crucial ssd's being unreliable, or of a ryzen 1700 bottlenecking an rx 580?
  11. coop152

    Building a pc...kinda

    Why are you using a b250 motherboard with an i7 7700k?
  12. Either was fine, i would have picked the i3 if i didn't know better too. Now have fun playing tech support for your family every time they break the computer
  13. Sorry, i worded that badly... It can still encode video, it just lacks certain optimisations that will make it faster. If it's just recording gameplay it doesnt really matter because you can use shadowplay or OBS with NVENC enabled. The i3 won't do very much cpu encoding either. Remember, only 2 real cores w/ some smart timing tricks and that has to run the game and the recording program, so CPU recording really isn't viable either way.
  14. Really, it all depends on whether she cares more about a small saving or a small increase in performance. I also think the Pentium is missing some small instruction set that would make it better at video encoding or something? I assume you don't care about that if it's just a family computer, and as shown it won't affect performance in games and on the desktop. It should be just fine. Too bad you weren't building this earlier in the year where the Pentium cost half of the i3, then it would be a no-brainer.
  15. the pentium has hyperthreading. That difference shown is mostly just because it's clocked lower, and even then you REALLY shouldnt trust userbenchmark. It's all theoretical and benchmarks easily prove this website wrong. https://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/1885?vs=1889 For example, some of the results in these benchmarks put the pentium AHEAD of the i3. For games like OW and minecraft the difference is negligible. And I know it isn't a massive difference in price but for a budget machine that could be the difference between a 400 and 550 watt power supply, or a bigger hard drive, etc. Just a suggestion