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    Creating corporate networks
    Server construction/management
    Virtualization "HyperV, VMware vSphere and Proxmox"


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    Intel Core I7 9700k @ 3.6ghz
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    Gigabyte one
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    GTX 1050 4gb
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    cheap one
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    1TB samsung 850 evo, 1TB samsung 860 evo, Samsung 970 EVO 250 GB M.2

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  1. There is a full version of VM Ware when you will pay for it "here is some info"(note you take licenses from them per ... core) (https://www.vmware.com/support/support-resources/licensing.html). question for you @Required what do you need: live migration? failover? replacation? on proxmox or on VM Ware? Running a vitual machine with lots of cores/CPU for less but great power? Like Proxmox where you can create your own VM same as VM Ware, only for less.
  2. The GPU will bottleneck the CPU, maybe look at a same cost AMD more cores and threats
  3. Set up my own Cacti environment to monitor my small data center. I am creating a network folder with gns3. 

    when someone got tips to add also to this server please let me know.

  4. You can't copy the installer from the pen drive to dvd because dvd use ISO file's "it's a diffrent install proces"
  5. Oke, you have to make with the Windows media creation tool a boot dvd then. you can't copy the usb files to the dvd and boot from the dvd.
  6. You put an iso file on a DVD. but why would you want this? you can copy the contents of the usb and just put it on your pc. if you want a boot usb again, format it to fat 32 and only paste the content back onto the usb
  7. Let see for how lang it will stand
  8. do you have the memory stick in the closest spot to your cpu. you can try that.
  9. Is all your ram detected? ram test in your bios test if it happens when you put 1 ram stick out maybe a bad stick.. update windows 10 or clean install windows 10
  10. Fans should last at least 3 years. More (perhaps much more) depending on how they are used. Tip: when a fan is realy dusty blow it carfully out so it's cooling better
  11. I'm building a intranet on wordpress to learn how to make it. Now I want AD Authentication on my wordpress site but I think I need LDAP for that but I don't get that working can some one help me with that or know a other solution to intergrate AD Authentication on my wordpress site? wordpress runs on Centos (Centos is already joined the domain). I got a Domain Controller with Active Directory "Windows server 2016"
  12. consider to buy your services thats a lot cheaper when you look forward for how long do you think you wil use it? make a balance for you self.
  13. But you want to use 8gb of ram why? thats not much for a server, more a test environment keep that in mind.