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    AMD FX-6300
  • Motherboard
    Asus M5A78l-M LE/USB3
  • RAM
    Kingston 8GB 1600MHz
  • GPU
    GTX 1050 2gb
  • Storage
    WS blue 7200rpm
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    MultiSync EA234WMI
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    Razer Blackwidow Tournament edition
  • Mouse
    Logitech G302
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    Audio Technica M50x

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  1. Sounds good man ! Worst case senario ill lend him my Be quiet dark rock pro 4 for the 9900k till the new cooler arrives. but looking at the build you linked doesn't seem like a bad idea to keep both after all. Appreciate it
  2. So.. I am building my friend a PC and it happens that we chose the NZXT H510 Elite as our case alongside a corsair H100i Pro 240mm AIO. I am now just realizing that there is no top support for a 240mm AIO and the front offers 2 140mm fans that come with the case. is there any way to mount the cooler without having to remove the 2 140mm fans in the front ? I would have chosen a different case or a different cooler but I messed up and the parts are on their way. Would mounting the cooler to the 140mm fans take away static pressure and ruine temps ? Or should I make him
  3. Hello, I've had my Ryzen 2600 for quite a while now and I used to run it overclocked with my old motherboard(Asrock b350 Pro4 or something like that) at around 3,9Ghz at very reasonable temp with my core voltage around 1.38-1.39 if i remember correct. So long story short, I broke the motherboard by accident and got the Gigabyte b450 Aorus m as a replacement. Now since I haven't overclocked anything els in my life, I'm having troouble with the different way this motherboard overclocks. On the old MB, All i had to do was type how much Voltage I want to run on, But on the Gi
  4. Hello, My dad has gotten this tablet thing that he replaced the old radio he had with. So the tablet is running andriod and its possible to download apps via internet connection (in this case a hotspot connectoin). I tried downloading offline maps on the google maps app which worked. But after disabling the internet connection I couldn't get it to refresh the position of the car after trying to follow a route. So whats a good app that I can install on this andriod tablet thingy that requires no connection ? And does downloading the app as an APK on a usb stick and instal
  5. True that.. Well I supose this concludes this thread, since I've got my answer that it wont help to throw it in the oven ..
  6. Oh then holy hell I can't do that to my daily oven :3 I kinda knew that yeah. So far it doesn't seem like a good idea to do so
  7. So do you think it could be a borken capacitor ? They said something about a capacitor that coukd be overheating. I opened the GPU and it looked fine as hell.
  8. 80% was apperantly wrong XD well I paid 150 euros for it . I mean I would experiment but If it will damage it further I might aswell wait to find someone who can do it for cheap . but Im collecting opinions if I should do it right now .
  9. Greetings, I have an rx 580 that I have bought used and i managed to break it day 1 due to PC truning on and off 3 times in a row due to a loose cable. Long story short I was able to smell a burning smell coming from the gpu and now when I turn the PC on, The rgb lights flicker and I get no signal whatsoever. At the repair shop they said it turned on for a few minutes then turned off and started flickering again. here is the catch, they said they can repair it , but I have to pay the minumum of 100 euros whitch is already 80% for what I've paid for it. So do these symp
  10. Hello, So I just went through a rollercoaster of emotions with what just happend.. I bought a used Asus Arez rx580 8gb since I was running a gtx 1050 2gb and couldnt afford a brand new gpu. I installed it and downloaded drivers and everything was fine till the PC turned off. Then I realized there was a loose cable behind the mobo so I reconnected it (it was for the RGB strip and for some reason the PC wouldnt turn on without it) So after turning it on I went away for a few seconds and came back to a slight burning smell from the gpu and the lights were blinking somewha
  11. I want to say thats one of a overkill setup but I will be forced to use my 1080p 60hz monitor with the card for atleast a couple of months after buying so I cant hate XD i used to run my 8gb of ram @3200mhz but since upgrading to 4 sticks I can't higher that 2888
  12. Yeah I get screen tearing when I'm playing Pubg on low settings because medium is not smooth enough so I'm forced to deal with it. The Asus PG278Q is what I have in my wish list right now and it does goe for 580 euros, but I am able to find it used right now so that should save me 200 euros atleast. So you do you think it's a waste to use an rtx 2070 with 1080p ? And I still have the choice to switch to 1080p on some games that I want to reach that 144hz? (asking this because running anything lower that my 1080p recommended on this monitor I have right now looks stretched and
  13. Hello, I'm asking for personal opinions on the best way to utilize a 2070. I'm getting the card next year or an amd alternative in the same bracket (depending on what AMD will bring out), and I defenitly wont be paring it with my 1080p 60hz monitor. I play a mix of competetive games and games and single player games so I'm torn between 1440p and 144hz @ 1080p Ofcource I can get a monitor who supports all of that but with Gsync it could get very expensive since I will be blowing all my budget on the card Which monitor are you using with this card or a similiar one like the
  14. Well RIP I just bought the extra 2 sticks and If i send them back i will still have to sell my 2 old sticks which is just too much to do. So Ill just have to stick tp 2666 then ? How much performance am I losing here ?