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  1. Ducky Shine 3 with Corsair M65 mouse, but the middle click doesn't really work anymore so I had to rebind the DPI switch to middle click. Unfortunately, that also seems to not work sometimes.
  2. The low-profile keys of the GRAM are interesting, and will probably make the RGB effect more pronounced. Would like to see how those switches compare to standard cherry switches.
  3. Edit: er... I read your post wrong, sorry.
  4. I like the Feenix Autore the most - the black-on-black gives a very stealthy and elegant look (much like their lineup)!
  5. If you check this article out, I think you'll find that this isn't really a big issue. Really have to check for sensationalism when they make these kinds of statements.
  6. No. I don't see how Vessel can have any negative impact. If you didn't know that there was a Vessel channel, I doubt that anyone would even notice a difference just watching the Youtube videos. Perhaps you might notice during the WAN show when they discuss early access videos.
  7. I think different keyboard sizes are best for different situations - for example, if you want to carry a MKB around then you'd probably want a 60%, whilst for desktop use you might want full-size or TKL (at least this is what I want). I use the numpad a fair bit, so ideally I'd keep that for my desktop (I have a DS3 full-size right now). However, the actual keys being off-centre relative to where I sit sometimes bugs me a bit, so perhaps the ideal solution would be TKL + separate (mechanical) numpad. However, I'm very interested in 60% MKBs and I'd be ecstatic to receive a Poker 3! Thank you LMG and Massdrop for this giveaway!
  8. Username: WindyDays https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 As always, thank you for the giveaway!
  9. This is a really good format for non-review/informal videos (but then again everything is informal at LTT...)
  10. Thank you for these giveaways!
  11. Even though MSN was gone for most people a few years ago, there were features that existed in MSN 8+ years ago that don't exist on Skype or really any other popular messaging platform now
  12. Honestly I'd just use it for a new build that I am planning to do anyway. However, it might be helpful for software development and folding. Or perhaps I will trade with someone who needs this 6 core CPU more than me.
  13. Lol didn't they already say this multiple times and the end result is nothing (good) actually happens?
  14. Wait... what happened here? Why did a bunch of people get quoted to to post? If I think this is what I think it is, I don't feel that you need to apologise, although if you make amendments to your opinion you can simply post again/edit your original post. Furthermore, I think it was a good thread for feedback on the direction on new videos (even though there was one kind of recently anyway).
  15. Regarding the original topic: I watch Linus' videos to learn about the state of the tech market because I enjoy it and I enjoy how LTT covers them. Even if there are products that I'm never looking to buy or won't be able to afford any time soon, I feel like I can learn something from these videos so I watch them. That recent eyefinity video? I'm unable to afford that, but not only was it really interesting, it was educational not just because" Linus said this and thus I learnt that", but because it provides insight into these types of setups, allowing me to judge the qualities of such a setup for myself. The bluetooth paper airplane video? I'm not looking to buy that and I didn't really learn anything that I wanted to know but at least I got a gift idea out of it and I thought it was really cool. However, my first though when I saw the video was: "doesn't this belong to something like SuperFun more?" - something to consider maybe. The need for seat gaming chair video? That's definitely not directly tech related, but it's something relevant to the majority of the subscriber base and I thought it was good to know - I think it's fine and not really out of place. The baby monitor video though? I watched it because I thought that because Linus was reviewing it, it might be something cool or interesting right? I was disappointed when this was not the case and I felt that it was just a random (albeit well-made) review of something irrelevant to at least me, and I'm guessing at least the majority of the subscriber base. In summary, I think that as Linus was saying, choosing not to review boring products that really have no new features or out of the world performance or anything like that is fine since there isn't much to gain out of these reviews. However, occasionally reviews are really out of place and I feel don't belong to this channel or don't really deserve a LTT review at all (mostly lifestyle-related products and some indie game "impressions" way back at some event).