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  1. brwainer

    Problems after switching to new ISP

    Is setting up PPPoE a normal requirement for this ISP? Meaning that they don’t use DHCP on the port coming out of the modem/ONT?
  2. brwainer

    pfsense router

    That is correct, PFSense cannot perform the functions of a modem, as there is no hardware that would allow that. The modem/router unit you have now may be able to be set to bridge mode which makes it just act as a modem, or you can ask your ISP (there’s probably a page on their website that Google can help you find) what modem-only units they support.
  3. brwainer

    Wifi at small hotel with thick walls

    In my experience with many hotel brands, minimum bandwidth per room for new or refreshed networks is around 500-750kbps per room - with a caveat that no hotel should buy service less than 50Mbps, and that after monitoring traffic for 6 months the circuit should not be more than 80% consumed for more than one hour at peak. This allows for some growth in usage over three-five years, which is the target refresh cycle for hotel networks. If you can only get 2x15Mbps service, then I would look at limiting each device at 3 or 5Mbps. I have no idea whether that Asus has that function. Personally I would be looking at a PFSense router, you can do both dual wan and device bandwidth limiting and a lot more with PFSense. The easiest way to do this is to buy the NetGate SG-1100, then follow instructions here https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/routing/multi-wan.html using OPT1 as the second WAN port. For limiting user traffic you can set up a Captive Portal https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/captiveportal/captive-portal.html with the options “”Per-user bandwidth restriction”. If you just want users to be able to click through and accept then set Authentication Method to “None”. You would need to use another AP at the location of the router to provide the same wireless coverage, but then you also have the benefit of all of your wireless being in one system which reduces headaches. You would also need a switch as the SG-1100 only has one LAN port, and the OPT1 would be used for WAN. But the SG-1100 is $160 whereas the only price I could find for that Asus model was €300, so the pfsense plus AP plus switch won’t cost much more.
  4. brwainer

    pfsense router

    PFSense is an open source router OS/software that can be run on mainly x86 systems. You can buy it as a dedicated appliance from NetGate, the company that does the primary development of PFSense. You can also buy custom x86 computers that have multiple ethernet interfaces that are designed to be a router (with PFSense or otherwise), or you can install PFSense on any old computer or as a VM in a hypervisor. PFSense does great as a router or firewall - but "router" in this case is in the true meaning of the term. A device that has wireless and a LAN switch built in is more properly called a "SOHO Router" (Small Office / Home Office). Some of the NetGate appliances include an ethernet switch but none include wireless - in fact wireless support in PFSense is almost nonexistant, so a PFSense router is best used in conjunction with an AP, or a router that has been turned into an AP by disabling its DHCP server and only using the LAN ports. By "AT&T gateway" I am assuming you have a all-in-one box that combines a DSL Modem, a router, and wireless. This type of unit can commonly be turned into a modem only by putting it into "Bridge" mode, thus allowing you to use your own router - but you also have to replace the wireless as well, either by using a SOHO router or a router+AP. If instead you have AT&T fiber service then your gateway likely gets its internet from an external ONT by either ethernet or MoCA over Coax. If its Ethernet, then you can likely replace the gateway outright (unless you have TV service over the fiber because then the gateway is providing internet access to your STB/DVR over MoCA). If its MoCA, then you need to find out if they can change your ONT to ethernet,
  5. brwainer

    Forwarding Asterisk

    Failing to connect from inside the network when using the external IP of your router (either directly or via a hostname e.g. DDNS) means that your router doesn't have hairpin NAT enabled, or doesn't have that feature at all. Try some of your other (non-Asterisk/SIP) port forwards to see whether they work when using the external IP/hostname from inside the network.
  6. brwainer

    Should I buy the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X ER-X ???

    It depends on what is happening on your network that will consume upload bandwidth. If you only have a single device that does most of the traffic then there probably won't be a big impact. But if you have multiple devices active at once then it can help. Personally I would get the EdgeRouter X and give it a try with the smart queue enabled and disabled. Even if the smart queue feature on its own ends up not helping dramatically, the ER:X is still a very good router choice.
  7. brwainer

    Should I buy the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X ER-X ???

    Don't be so quick to judge. While @Saksham worded it a little over the top by saying it is never worth it, they are somewhat correct in that a lot of products that are advertised as having "smart qos" or similar don't really do much extra compared to a regular router. What CAN make a difference is the type of queue/buffer algorithm the router uses - most notably the recent invention of the CodelQ algorith, This is especially important when you have a small upload speed, as your router constantly has to decide in what order to send packets, and if the upload rate from the LAN is too high then also decide which packets to drop. And good news! the "Smart Queue" in the Edgerouter X is actually based on the CodelQ algorithm. When people talk about "Smart QOS", if they are talking about anything other than the queue/buffer algorithm, then they are talking psuedoscience and marketing-speak, or they are making assumptions about your traffic that might not be true for your network.
  8. brwainer

    Apple airport express

    The setup software requires MacOS. I don’t think there is even an iOS app for it. It has no web server to make changes directly.
  9. brwainer

    Forwarding Asterisk

    In addition to what @Jarsky said, if you are having issues with calls dropping almost immediately, your router may have a "SIP Helper" or "SIP ALG". These are meant to help in situations where the SIP server and client aren't NAT aware. However with Asterisk, this type of help is actually detrimental and messes up the SIP headers. Whether your router has this feature and where to turn it off depends on the model and sometimes the firmware version.
  10. brwainer

    Forwarding Asterisk

    Look up your router at https://portforward.com/router.htm or google “port forward (insert router type here)”. Also google “port forward asterisk” to find out what ports are needed.
  11. brwainer

    Plex media server managed users and LiveTV/DVR

    I haven’t run Plex Server on Windows in a while but I never had an update issue like that. One thing to check is Settings > General > Server Update Channel. Beta is available to Plex Pass only and gets new features faster. It used to be called the “Plex Pass” channel. When you make each recording task, you can choose what library it will use. Movies have to go to a Movie type library, TV Shows have to go to a TV type library. This is the “Add to Library” option, and it will remember whatever you last chose. So I have a DVR - TV and DVR - Movie library, and recordings go to those. EDIT: I was just checking the release announcements, and 1.15.4 says that it adds the ability to give Home Users DVR Access. Wooo!
  12. brwainer

    Plex media server managed users and LiveTV/DVR

    So is the Plex server and the Roku app up to date?
  13. brwainer

    Plex media server managed users and LiveTV/DVR

    I just checked, with a managed user in the Roku app I can view the guide and stream video. Try going to “User’s name” > “Reset Home Navigation”. If I go to settings from any user in the Roku app, in the upper right corner my version is As of this time only the admin user can make, manage, or even see that recordings are set up.
  14. brwainer

    Is unshielded cat7 better than S/FTP cat 6?

    Aside from not being a TIA/EIA standard (meaning there is no enforcement of particular electrical and physical characteristics), Cat 7 cable is supposed to only be individually shielded. But since there is no enforcement of the standard, people can sell whatever they want as Cat 7, including unshielded cables. Some people have even started branding things “Cat 8” because they can. Unless its from a very trusted vendor, these “Cat 7” and “Cat 8” cables are often not much better than Cat 5e or 6. Some of the trusted cable brands are selling Cat 7 that is real, but its construction is basically the same as a shielded Cat 6a cable.
  15. brwainer

    YouTube premium has ads?

    I noticed earlier today that youtube seemed to be confused as to whether I was signed in or not. On the same page I saw Premium, as well as Log In. I could save to my watch later list, but couldn’t open the sidebar and see my playlists. The home page showed recommendations that were completely generic. When I tried to log in, it failed a few times. All this is to say, maybe the same happened to you for the period where the player checks if it should show an ad.