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  1. No, it is just a naming coincidence.
  2. Hard to tell although I don't imagine it would make a significant difference. Again you may lose a degree or two but if you have good overall airflow it should not make much difference. Slightly outdated but still relevant: Personally I'd go with 3 as everything goes in one direction so there is less vortex which could cause air to become trapped which could possibly increase the case temp as there is less room to move. Bit wishy wasy but that's generalized. I'd recommend experimenting with different configs and seeing what works best as there are so many variables which make it difficult to calculate!
  3. 2009- LG Cookie 2012 - HTC One X(UK) Yeah not much of a history!
  4. If you are looking for a quiet card go for the 970 Strix
  5. Umm... It's released on the 29th July:http://www.techradar.com/news/software/operating-systems/windows-10-to-launch-on-july-29-1295433
  6. If it says it can hold 80lbs they have hopefully tested it so you should be fine. If it does break, I'm not a lawyer, but you should be entitled to a refund. It should hold if it is bowing as long as it is not cracking.
  7. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor ($95.93 @ OutletPC) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler ($26.99 @ Newegg) Motherboard: MSI 970 GAMING ATX AM3+ Motherboard ($78.49 @ Newegg) Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory ($49.99 @ Newegg) Storage: Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($51.98 @ OutletPC) Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($49.99 @ Amazon) Video Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 2GB Video Card ($203.98 @ Newegg) Case: NZXT Source 210 (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case ($34.99 @ Micro Center) Power Supply: Corsair Builder 600W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply ($36.99 @ Newegg) Total: $629.33 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2015-05-18 12:55 EDT-0400 Again somewhat similar although with an AMD cpu. Also note the Intel build above does not include a cpu cooler. If you can't spare the extra $50 I'd go with this as the cpu is not as crucial for most games at the moment otherwise the built above would be suitable with the addition of a Hyper 212 Evo for cooling!
  8. Also what do you consider as playable frame rates, everyone is different?
  9. I doubt you find one for free but it might be an idea to find an old lawn mower and rip something off. Alternatively ask round your local kart track during an event. I used to race at Red Lodge which is in Suffolk but it's full of great guys who can help.
  10. This is a great deal if you are looking for a new card. The STRIX is great : The games are currently £115 together on Steam so this is a great deal. Witcher 3, Batman: Arkham Knight & GTAV! Dabs is also very reputable for anyone wondering, bought from them multiple times with no problems! Just select bundle deals to the bottom left tab of the page. https://www.dabs.com/products/asus-geforce-gtx-970-4gb-pci-express-3-0-directcu-ii-oc-strix-9RXD.html
  11. As said an FTP server seems ideal for your situation. FTP: "Short for File Transfer Protocol, the protocol for exchanging files over the Internet. FTP works in the same way as HTTP for transferring Web pages from a server to a user's browser and SMTP for transferring electronic mail across the Internet in that, like these technologies, FTP uses the Internet's TCP/IP protocols to enable data transfer." It basically allows you to connect to a server that can link to files in your local network or local system from anywhere or nowhere. This is the best ftp server software as it is open source and widely used. It also has great tutorials: FileZilla. You can use client software on a different machine to connect such as the FileZilla client or use websites that act as a proxy(kind of). I found this with a quick google search:http://www.net2ftp.com/ Personally though if you are looking for security there is not much you can do with ftp without spending lots of time creating your own system. The best thing to do is to change the servers ports to be different to the defaults as these are often targeted most be bots, hackers etc. Hope this helps, some of the info is probably a bit dodgy as I'm no expert but it should give you a good starting point!
  12. Thanks for the generous offer although I think I'll decline. It's probably more hassle than it is worth for the both of us.
  13. Don't take it personally but I generally don't buy used, I'd rather just buy it new or refurbished in case there are problems(I have had some bad experiences with used in the past). Also I think 44W may be too high unfortunately. Although I just found this: Tom's Hardware Thoughts?
  14. Do you think the 2gb memory upgrade is worth it for the price keeping in mind that I will only be playing low end games at 720p?
  15. Hi guys, I've recently received 3 Dell Optiplex 960 SFF (Small form factor) pc's. I am setting one up as a media PC and need help adding a graphics card. The PC currently has no graphics card installed and I am running it off the integrated graphics. I want to add a graphics card to play low end games from Steam such as Monaco and Binding of Isaac Rebirth, so nothing very intensive. I also have the problem that the motherboard does not have HDMI so I cannot get sound onto my TV as I am currently using DVI to HDMI adapter. My main issue appears to be the power supply as it is only 235W but it is not upgrade-able as it is a proprietary dell one(but please prove me wrong!). You can get a model of the PC with a graphics card installed (NVIDIA GF 9300) and that has a power draw of 25W so somewhere around there should be okay. Card must be single slot. Current Specs My Options Any opinions, ideas or alternatives will be greatly welcomed and appreciated. I am happy to add more info about the machine if needed. EDIT: Games at 720p
  16. If you want to do Twitch subscriptions you can use a debit/credit card.
  17. SpamBrie

    Worth it?

    I would definitely wait then otherwise you are going to end up doing it twice as you'll need to do it again when you buy the coolder.
  18. SpamBrie

    Worth it?

    How long have you had it for and what are your temps like?
  19. Please read the forum first so you know where to put your topic! Apart from that I would go for a more reliable PSU brand as I have heard people having lots of problems with chieftec
  20. You can buy a decent enough tripod for around £30 or $50.
  21. Dude don't skip school for videogames. It is not good, I learned from experience.