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  1. doesn't look too bad, how much is it?
  2. they do indeed, found it a bit strange the first time
  3. if you can't use ethernet, you might be able to use usb tethering to use your phone's date to download drivers (that shouldn't take up too much data and make sure your internet connection in the settings is set to metered.)
  4. your motherboard does not have wifi to connect are you trying to use wifi or an ethernet cable?
  5. The rx 590 is similar but slightly worse then the 1660, you'd be better off going with the cheaper 1660 or the 1660ti which is quite a bit faster then the rx 590.
  6. Either a ryzen 2600 or an i5 8600k
  7. it probably is your cpu, you can see it is running at 100% usage, and quad core with no hyperthreading cpu's do struggle in the latest games, especially with a 1080ti. You'd want to change it for either a ryzen 2600, intel i5 8600k or wait for 7nm.
  8. k.m.p

    looking for graphics card

    unfortunately only amd option that makes sense right now is the rx 580, if you can get it for substantially cheaper then a gtx 1660, they do have cards in that price range- the rx 590 but there is zero reason to buy it given how much faster the 1660ti is. this could change with amd navi (next gen gpu's) that have been rumoured for a while now to give rtx 2070 performance at about 250 usd, but nothing is guarantee'd and with how badly vega did, I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  9. k.m.p

    looking for graphics card

    its not advisable to go with higher then 24 inches with a 1080p monitor because the pixel density is too low and as you have noticed, it will look blurry. it may actually be a better idea to either downsize to a 1080p 144hz 24 inch monitor or if you don't want a smaller monitor, save up and get a 1440p monitor (if possible 144hz) monitor alongside a new gpu, at 1440p its advisable to go with at least an rtx 2060, anything else will struggle to achieve 60fps. if you are ok with lower framerates, then an gtx 1660ti will be good enough.
  10. k.m.p

    looking for graphics card

    is your monitor 144hz? if not then its not worth going any higher then an rx 580, if it is, then yes, at that price point a 1660ti would make the most sense. Also, its normally best to create another post if you have questions.
  11. k.m.p

    looking for graphics card

    is that 350 usd?
  12. k.m.p

    New Gaming Setup

    op has specifically said that his usage is gaming, I know that the budget allows for 64gb of ram, but anything more then 16 is going to give zero performance increase making it a waste of money, however what wouldn't be a waste of money is changing the 2tb hard drive to an ssd, doesn't have to be nvme, an 860 evo would be just fine.
  13. k.m.p

    New Gaming Setup

    Your spending too much on your cpu and motherboard, go with a i5 8600k and a asus prime z370 board, there is zero differnce in gaming performance between 16 and 32gb of ram, go down to 16. That money you saved would be enough to get you an rtx 2080. The rest of the build looks fine.
  14. from the above discussion, I think it is evident that nvidia with their rtx line of graphics cards has created a lot of negative sentiment towards ray tracing from the community. yes, their gpu's cost far more then they should, yes rtx does reduce performance significantly, yes, a lot of the time, especially in metro exodus the implementation was beyond dissapointing, but this was a first gen product with the very first games to use the technology, it was not going to be amazing as everyone hoped it would, but that in no way changes the fact that ray tracing is the holy grail of lighting technology and is the future, nvidia says so, but many people won't care with it coming from them, but so has amd and Microsoft. Seeing ray tracing on non specialized hardware is awesome because it shows potential for the technology to make it to a far wider audience, and amd's gcn architecture while very poor in graphics and gaming performance is fantastic in compute, this seems like it is able to leverage that compute power of the amd gpu, in a similar way in which battlefield 5 was able to run on titan v's with tensor cores instead of rt cores.
  15. I have used the 2080 as an example since 1080ti is a last gen card equivelent but marginally worse then the 2080 and in most places sold out since they are not being made anymore. what games do you plan on playing?