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  1. I wouldn't worry too much, I doubt these gpu's are going to be released in 2019, likely q1 2020 release.
  2. I'm gonna speculate that these 'high end' cards could support ray tracing, since the new consoles are being marketed as being able to use ray tracing and navi, whilst no amd navi card does it yet.
  3. I havent used anything from innergie so can't personally vouch for them, what I can say however is that I have used a lot of anker products and none of them have had any issues, personally from experience I would recommend getting an anker charger for everything.
  4. this, if you do have a drive connected, make sure both sata data and power connectors are in properly into the drive and the data cable into the motherboard
  5. That I very much respect, often I find that when people ask for advise, the easiest people to teach are the people that are willing to think logically and try to understand, even when they know nothing. But people that think they know everything are near impossible to explain anything to.
  6. They mainly said they don't like it because its making fun of people that know nothing about technology, when the reality is that most people don't need to or care. Tbh those 'my old relative doesn't know how to use a phone' aren't as funny as people who pretend to know that they know about tech when they know nothing, or refuse to take any advise or accept the fact that they are wrong and then go on to do something stupid.
  7. our custums charge from outside the eu can be an absolute cunt, nothing anyone can do about it that isn't illegal, (which would get this thread locked)
  8. In case you havent already returned it, its only the other ssd that has issues, the t force is fine, according to steve from hardware unboxed
  9. So much speculation, we've basically seen everything from 5ghz base clock claims to low single digit ipc with no clock speed bump. 4.5ghz means absalutely nothing if you don't know what it is, could be 4.5 base, boost or max oc, the only thing we do know is that the 7nm used is a high performance node, not a low power one, and according to the amd OFFICIAL demo, the new amd 8 core is faster then the 9900k at less power, which people have speculated to mean that they have a lot more oc headroom. Hopefully it is the case but lets not get our hopes up just yet.
  10. I'm planning on comming as well from the uk, I've seen that prices on hotels are much higher then airbnb's and that the cheapest airport afaik to fly from is london gatwick. not 100% confirmed on going for me, but fingers crossed
  11. In a recent wan show they confirmed that they changed their mind on open sourcing it
  12. the cpu and gpu part of the chip function seperately, having no load on the gpu might help the cpu boost slightly higher but not by much. A r3 1200 oc will perform almost exactly like the 2200g. First go into the settings and change the framerate of your 144hz monitor to 60hz and see if you are still having problems, not 100% sure that it is differnce in hz that is causing the issues.
  13. Id understand how that would make sense for the 75w version but the reviews are mainly for the card with a pci connector, at which point the argument of not having to change the psu doesnt make sense.
  14. afaik the 1050ti sells better then the rx 470/570, despite most reviews saying that the amd card is better value, unfortunately its amd has and is going to keep having a mindshare issue where people assume and buy nvidia hardware even when amd is the better option until they can at some point turn things round with high end gpu's. The rx 570 is cheaper and faster, but for the most part the gtx 1650 is probably still going to sell better.