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  1. I just installed my CPU to my new build and I forgot to put thermal past on it so I went to take the cooler off and it won't come out this is brand new and I didn't even boot up the system yet. Only one of the Heatsink pins comes out the rest are stuck
  2. When I did a bread box test my pc did not boot but It did have fans spinning and my mb light lit up. When I put my PC into my case nothing happened. I do have some damaged pins from my MB i have a core i5 6500 MSI B150I pro gaming Mini Itx Gtx 1060 8GB patriot viper ram single channel and a 450w used PSU
  3. But if it is a bad battery wouldn't the system still work worth the a/c jack plugged in and a disconnected battery?
  4. Dell Inspiron 15 7559 My laptop has died on me there is no indicator light when my battery is plugged in. But when the battery has been removed the ligh is on with the ac jack. I cannot get anything working no keyboard backlighting or power button light and the screen doesn't work. I do not hear mechanical whirring from the hard drive or fans spinning. I have tried the unplugging the a/c jack and battery, and holding down the power button for over a minute. Nothing still works, I also left the unit plugged in with no power being put through over night.
  5. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PKM2nn This build was meant to be up-gradable. I have bought my GPU my Motherboard and My case. I am certain I want a mini itx. I cant deicide between this cpu or a pentium g4560. I believe this CPU is good enough for me since I don't play that many games anymore. I want some recommendations on what I could change. I wanted this to be a $550 build and I think I hit it, I also have a spare m.2 ssd from my gaming laptop