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  1. I5 6500 8gb of 2133 ddr4 patriot viper H170 gigabyte mobo Gtx 1060 SC 500gb WD ssd 1tb WD black HDD Silverstone raven case Silverstone 450w Included brown switch red dragon keyboard Cyber acoustics speakers and 2 monitors 1 900p and runs at 75hz and one at 1080 at 70hz I think I should sell it for $650 but I'm not sure on the solos price what do you guys think? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/j2KspG
  2. ive actually built in this case for your friend get a ryzen a 1050 if your friend wants to do some gaming and some cad too
  3. gtx 1060 6gb for that build and your psu is fine
  4. there is no real point in getting a 1300X since it is basically exactly the same as the 1200 except that the 1200 has a lower clock speed
  5. pretty good ima do this just change the parts for better colors and the mouse.
  6. 32gb ssd its not just a bootdrive he will put fallout 4 and gta V on his ssd
  7. One of my friends wanted to get a gaming pc so I am gonna build him one he has a budget of $900 for everything Pc, monitor, mouse and keyboard. I made the colors match so its all white enough. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zs4tGf what could I change for this build to make it cheaper?
  8. 650w is enough i do not think any gpu will still use vga if it did vga will be bottlenecked use DVI if possible use the first gpu. Also one more thing what part of vietnam are you in I just came back from visiting ba ngoai.
  9. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zsftGf I have basically everything you need and i squeezed a 1080 in there
  10. I got the m.2 for my laptop but now I never use my laptop so I will take it out my dell doesn't support NVME speeds
  11. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/WKJPr7 AMD https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3T4jFd Intel Personally, I would go for AMD since on your budget I could not score a gtx 1060 or rx 580 since the prices on those GPUs are so High ATM. You save a few bucks on the Intel but with AMD you get a more powerfully cpu so you choose and also change the ram and cases up how you wish
  12. I would go for a smaller and cheaper PSU to save a few bucks in the 450w to 550w should be good for most applications I would go for a 250~ gb ssd and use the savings on a better gpu if you can wait for the prices to go down
  13. I am thinking of upgrading my pc to a ryzen one I am planning to do this in November so I can give whatever parts I have left over for a birthday present. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/sHmBVY Any suggestions on what I could do?
  14. I already backed up my HDD on my desktop I've opened it up before to fix the screen like 4 months ago
  15. I can and i have it's not under warranty anymore since it expired.
  16. My laptop just stopped working right be fore school starts. The power button turns on but then it just stops I can see the indicator light flicker and the fan revs up then stops. I already tried running it without the battery what should I do?
  17. they normally do have graphics APU's are used for a good mix but AMD CPU's have integrated graphics depending on which one you have
  18. Try to use the integrated graphics just disable the gpu in the control panel if it is nvidia
  19. my laptop just turned on in the morning but then I shut it down. After 2 hours my laptop just stopped working. It is out of warranty now so I cannot do anything. I've checked the ribbon cables and took it apart already it worked only a few times after I took it apart the first time. Now I turn it on all it does is spin the fans for just a half second and a flash of light comes out of the powerbutton.
  20. It's broken because your motherboard has a system of beeps to tell you what the problem is what motherboard are you using and search up the beep code for it
  21. I've had many stripped screws I would use a flat head screw drive and if that hasn't worked try using a dremmel to make your own gettho cut out for the screw