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About Bendy_BSD

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    https://discord.gg/JHmNa6P (permanent.)
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    United States of America.
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    Gaming, auto mechanics, HVAC, virtualization.
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    Dual Xeon E5-2650 2GHz 8-Core Processors.
  • Motherboard
    ASRock - EP2C602-4L/D16 SSI EEB
  • RAM
    Not yet decided.
  • GPU
    MSI Geforce GTX 960 2GB, AMD FirePro R5000 2GB.
  • Case
    Not yet decided.
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    Not yet decided.
  • PSU
    Not yet decided.
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    Not yet decided.
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    Not yet decided.
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    Not yet decided.
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    Not yet decided.
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    Not yet decided.
  • Operating System
    Ubuntu 14.04 server host w/ virtual machines.

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  1. Bendy_BSD

    Help me please.

    Sweet! :) Give me a few, I have some things that I need to do and I'll give you the output. :) And thank you so much for helping me man. ^^
  2. Bendy_BSD

    Help me please.

    dmesg? The thing is that I don't want the touch screen functionality. The reason why I have been using the xinput command is that there's no one else with the same problem as I do so I have to search for a different term to go by and of course for whatever reason it works and isn't permanently disabling the HID function. The HID hardware aspect of the screen is screwed however the actual display panel is just fine.
  3. Bendy_BSD

    Help me please.

    Fair point, but mainly its just for compatibility reasons, at least in my case.
  4. Bendy_BSD

    Help me please.

    In that case, the HID function of the touch screen is the dog food of my laptop the cuban cigar. XP
  5. Bendy_BSD

    Help me please.

    Ubuntu 16.04.5 w/ kernel upgrade (UKUU). And, define: "hurts less". XP Every 3-4 minutes the mouse cursor goes sporadic like a crackhead, twitching around without me touching it. So i Have to bother with running that same command over and over again. XP That and my desktop's IPMI management doesn't work. (another topic I posted about.)
  6. So, I finally got fed up with windows 10 and decided to switch over to linux because the update that I had (that was forced upon me without my permission, even after applying the DWS and Spybot anti-beacon programs back-to-back to which didn't work apparently) slightly corrupted it's own partition as well as screwing up the networking functions. Not to mention some programs don't work properly anymore. I installed linux and yeah, so far so good. One problem: The touchscreen's HID function is f***ed. Every time I boot up into linux now I have to log in, and open up the terminal to run the command: sudo xinput disable <device id here, 10> and after 4 minutes it re-enables itself so that I have to re-run the command. It's getting so annoying. I now decided that I have no use for the touchscreen's HID function and so I will remove the module that enables the touchscreen's HID function to work instead! But, one teensy-weensy little problem: I don't know how to do that. So I do ask kindly if anyone can help me and walk me through the steps of doing that? Thank you so much in advance!
  7. I finally got my server built and I configured it to be on two different IP addresses (so I can figure out what the heck's going on.) And, I tried both IP addresses and nothing works, unable to connect. I even switched up the ip addresses on my laptop's ethernet nic so that the server and my laptop are on the same net and subnet as eachother. And nothing works. That and I can't boot into any operating systems now (just ****ing great am I right?). Should I update the bios on the stupid motherboard or am I doing something wrong?
  8. So far got the CPUs, the motherboard, all I need now is RAM, storage and a cooling system and I'm set.  :)


    Man I can't wait to get my computer fully assembled.  This is gonna be frickin' sweet.  :)

    1. LukeSavenije


      what are you building?

  9. I was just watching YouTube when I saw that pop up in my notifications feed.  :)

    I'm just happy right now.  ^u^

    Screenshot (29).png

  10. Bendy_BSD

    Windows 8.1 Migration (impossible?)

    Oh! Sweet. I just want to make sure that I can be well-informed before I take on a time-consuming task that's all.
  11. Bendy_BSD

    Why does GTA V look like trash at high resolutions?

    That's what I was about to say, activate anti aliasing or just lock it to 30fps for good results i suppose. Then again, don't... 60fps is better. X3
  12. Bendy_BSD

    Windows 8.1 Migration (impossible?)

    So, I had learned some brief details about virtualization and it's configuration file, one of them in particular that piqued my interests was the fact I can spoof the UUID number. What I am getting at is I would like to migrate the Windows 8.1 os to a qcow2 disk and spoof the appropriate IDs, UUID and the Storage device SN as well (if possible.) However, there's this little splinter that's probing the back of my mind about it, as good as it sounds, there's always a catch with this. I wonder if any can give me any extra details, because I do want to be well-informed about this plan. Same goes for the Windows 7 Pro and Windows 7 Home drives as well so that I have a total of 6 windows vms. two of which have an install disc with license keys respectively, the other four being from two laptops and two desktops (pre-built.) My idea is put the drives to good use, os included. Thank you in advance!
  13. Well, this is a bit weird,  I opened Services in windows 10, and as usual I would disable Windows Update... but when I went to do the usual routine of disabling it, it was greyed-out.

    That, and it wasn't running.  How odd.  Either I had been blessed, or been denied of the pleasure of disabling it myself... perhaps both.  


    Darn, what a shame... I wanted to do it myself.  XP

  14. You're correct. Still, it was a fun idea.