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  1. Did this work and what were you using this Co-Processor for? Also, out of curiosity would you want to review my EZ-Setup script that I made for people who want to setup PCI-Passthrough with a press of a button? This script is more or less oriented for people who are into gaming or want to get into virtualized gaming. ( link: )
  2. Feb. 7th, 2021 Chapter 10 - 28 of my COMPTIA A+ Studying

    As the statement above gives, I'm almost there.    I'm just so excited to take the test so that I don't have to work at my current employer any longer.  Though, I would like to point out that while my current employer isn't as bad as my first or second, my current one is ... a mixed bag.

    So far, I'm enjoying it though the lack of a heads up in terms of scheduling and also the cheapo welds on the platforms that we walk on can be better.   It's cheap, and they really NEED to revise their conveyor belt system and also enforce stricter security polices because I am confident that some rando pen tester wouldn't be hard pressed to get by the metal detector with a raspberry pi or any other equipment.   And furthermore they NEED to lock out their windows based machines, especially if it's around newer employees.   Seriously, I brought this up with my supervisor before of the risks of what one can do to wreak havoc on their infrastructure and their response, and I quote, was "It's for the maintenance associates, it's fine."     I'm just dumbfounded.... baffled even.    Honeslty, the day that they get hacked is the day where that one supervisor I told to do something about it will be the day I laugh my arse off.    Seriously guys, DO SOMETHING.

    That rando tangent aside, wish me luck on my exam!  🙂

  3. Build Update rev 1.4:  Project Omega --> Project 'Cerb0S'
    December 26th, 2020 @ 11:14PM (Date of which this status had established it's creation; creation date.   relative to my timezone.)

    So, I have been going through a lot of drama, heartbreak and other issues (financially buoyant, but just going with the flow of life and where it's taking me) but, among the chaos of late '19 to the end of 2020, I will reflect of what I'm thankful for as of this day:
    (personal update, then build update.  My bad!)

    I'm thankful for my loving father and stepmother, my girlfriend, my friends who stayed by my side -- even when stuff hit the fan --, I'm thankful for my employer hiring me because I would be up Schitt's Creek without a paddle, I'm thankful for my mobile carrier providing me access to internet at a very reasonable price, I'm thankful for the food I eat, I'm thankful for having a car that still runs and is in relatively good shape (though TLC is DEFINITELY needed, and as soon as I get a better job I will make that my primary priority and health related stuff my secondary and my living situation being my final item to check off the list and address the lesser needs later on,)  I'm thankful that I'm alive and that I'm able to learn, to read, write, speak, breathe, see, hear, feel, experience (the good parts for good reason, the bad parts that happen to me to take in as wisdom of what to avoid, VERY important), and that I get to live life on earth before my eventual expiration.   And my trusty 16 core, 32 thread rig/server.. good 'ol C602 (chipset; xeon family tree).

    With that said, I will now get into my build update:

    So far I am just chilling with my current system (reference code to CTRL+F on the post or to find by keyword: "Cerb0S specs") right now and I believe that my investment on 12 core, 24 thread cpus (granted, it's an lga 2011 socket, so.. old basically) would be worth it for one reason: more cores, more threads.   I'll list the new cpus later on down the line but for now, the final form of this system will go from a phanteks case to a dune case with the dice Y front panel, hackintosh vm, and a monitor with gsync.    the (fanboy-ish) aspect of this build is that it will have the apple-esque workstation with the addition of a pc case right beside it, which will be a razer (or alternatively lenevo or hp or heck, alienware desktop tower) case that will act as a backplane/external enclosure for additional pci-e devices -- like gpus in this case.. no pun intended -- and there are two reasons to this, the first reason is that it is so that I can still make use of all the pcie lanes and pcie slots.  For example, there are gpus that I want to use for the fun of it, but need for the more practical aspects of why I designed the system in the first place.  Like, stream games to a thin client for fun, but then take advantage of the hardware before my very presence to do things like edit, render, and upload to youtube* (more on that asterisk later on,) and of which are physically taking up space where I could add more useful I/O expansion cards.    Like, a USB card for each vm to allow hotplugging.

    I will divide the list of devices (on paper) respectively.  So for instance, Case A is the Dune Case and Case B is the External Enclosure.

    Case A:  
    Slot 1 (x4) 8 port, quad controller USB 3.0 expansion card.

    Slot 2 (x16) Onestop systems external backplane adapter (x16 variant so that I can get as much bandwidth in as much as I can)
    Slot 3 (x16 w/ Bifurcation disabled; x16 mode) dual port SFP+ 10Gb NIC

    Slot 4 (x16) Fenvi macos compatible wifi adapter

    Slot 5 (x16) AMD RX580 or Vega 56/64 GPU

    Slot 6 (PCI 32-bit) N/A


    Case B:

    Slot 0 (x16 pin to pin, target card from onestop systems)

    Slot 1 (x16) RTX 2080

    Slot 2 (x16) NVIDIA Grid quad/dual gpu

    Slot 3 (x16) Nvme (quad) array, quad m.2 drives

    Slot 4 (x16) PCoIP enabled, AMD FirePro R5000 2GB card

    Slot 5 (x16) LSI SAS card


    Now, for case B, it's assuming that I will get the onestop systems 5 slot PCI-E daughter board backplane.  If I wanted to go for a more direct and janky solution, I could print my own circuit board (though a third party; outsourcing the design) and create my own "daughter board".    utilizing the bifurcation function to split up the slots into four x4 gen3 slots, and with the printed card and daughter board, I would allocate the lower priority and/or any devices that use x4 or less for those bifurcated slots.  And any higher bandwidth devices (preferably the newer gpus) will be reserved for the slots locally on the motherboard.


    The reason why I would want (and technically need) the dice y case is for the acoustic aspect, being to do gaming and also a bit of sound design.  My primary goal is to have a functional system that I'm putting to good use.  Proper utilization; no underutilization.


    * = About YouTube, in my opinion, it's where everyone's at, but I'd prefer to post two versions of each video I upload, in case if the YouTube-friendly vid gets taken down because of a troll or because of YouTube's infinite wisdom because of one complaint that misses the entire point of what purpose my YouTube channel serves, I'd still have the ability to refer those to my own personal video directory where they can view it themselves via ftp directory (this will take up some space, if that's the case, just stream it over vlc) and they can download it to watch for later.   #dmcathisyt         Anarchistic personality aside, that's my view and personal bias.


    Then again, from a cost effectiveness standpoint and functionality standpoint, what would cheaper? 

    Build another node? (16c,32t + 24c,48t = 40c,80t total), link the two with quad port sfp+ ports (rdma enabled on each system)
    PCI-E backplane from onestop systems?

    Janky diy backplane?

    Just curious. : )  


    With that said, I hope you all have a wonderful day and instead of saying "Happy New Year" let's say in unison "Jumanji" Because we need to get the hell out of this game called COVID-19.  (TikTok reference, not my own quote).

  4. Tried playing Rainbow Six Siege in my windows 10 vm, and BattleEye soft bans me (kicks me) out of every game after 30 seconds of being in ANY match except lone wolf.

    Fuck you BattleEye, like banning/soft banning vm users is going to solve the problem. >: l


    in other news, for proxmox ve you can use nested virtualization for containers AND regular vms! :)

    Passed through an AMD FirePro R5000 gpu to my windows 10 pro vm and I also made a vm inside of the vm.  

    vm inception!  L :

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    2. Bendy_BSD


      wait, the gpu wasn't directly passed through but rather the vfio driver was doing the translation for ya?

    3. Windows7ge


      Actually I opted for blacklisting the driver since it was the only AMD device in the server. GPU was full-on passed through.

    4. Bendy_BSD


      Ah, I see. : )     


  5. gotcha. What kinda sucks atm for me is that I can't play R6S within the windows vm because of battle eye.
  6. So far it's awesome and it's exactly as you described it with the usb driver i mean. ^u^ are xeon processors capable of nested virtualization?
  7. note: for the mobo we have, Controller #2 is the front panel USB ports, and the 1st Controller is the built-in usb ports. (For those who stumble on this response this is in regards to the mobo: Asrock EP2C602-4L/D16)
  8. Gotcha. Also, I noticed that there are two USB controllers. Not sure which one's which because I do intend to use one controller for the vm and the other for just proxmox itself (things like backing up to a USB flashdrive or if worst-case scenario a usb harddrive.)
  9. the headset only, not the usb controller with the headset attached.
  10. Gotcha. Also, I had passed through my Logitech G633 headset and I have a bunch of crackling. I had this issue before somewhat when I used my usb cable and when I switched it out, it worked just fine (baremetal install from a long time ago) but, I decided to test the headset to see if it was the vm or the headset that is causing the issue. So I connected my headset to my laptop and it works just fine; no crackling in audio output to speakers. But on windows 10 (pci passthrough with my headset passed through) it was crackling anytime audio gets transmitted.
  11. when passing through the raid controller, it's just only the device address right or do I have to add the ven:dev ids in the vfio driver override in /etc/modprobe.d/ ?
  12. would I be able to pass through the controller as long as there aren't any drive partitions mounted? Drives connected but no partitions mounted i mean.
  13. Oh crap my bad man. I copied that bus device because I first tried to snap shot my windows vm and long story short it spat out an error saying that it won't start or stop properly because of the ethernet controller even though I never passed through the ethernet controller to ANY vm. here's the marvell id: 0000:00:1c.4
  14. Sata controllers will be a problem if you don't pass them through by device address, I made the mistake of blacklisting the ahci driver ohhh boy did I f*** up badly. >.< the address by device is: 0000:0d:00.0 (if I'm not mistaken.)
  15. cool. Also, I'm trying to pass through my onboard Marvell sata controller to the windows vm and I used the blacklist driver by device address but I think it's not working. should I just try it anyway without blacklisting the driver?