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  1. How about the Shure SRH1440? The thing with the HD 579 is the bass, I feel like it makes the whole experience dark and quite muddy
  2. An aux cable will do fine and it's going to be the cheapest (as far as I'm concerned, audio quality won't be affected at all), you can either connect it to the monitor (green output) or the motherboard (the middle green port); most of the times, the motherboard will have better sound processing than the monitors, so you should connect it there. Also, if your pc case doesn't have an aux port at the front, you can buy a jack splitter so you can also connect headphones and stuff without having to unplug the soundbar. Both cables will cost about 3-5 bucks on Amazon.
  3. The reason it must be these is because of pricing over here. So, here they are: -Monoprice Monolith M565 -Audio Technica ATH-M60x - '' '' ATH-M50x -Sennheiser HD 599 -Sennheiser Momentum 2 -Beyerdynamic Dt 880 (32 Ohm) And for extra info, I'm currently using the Sennheiser's HD 579, so which ones will improve my overall experience the most? I'm open for some other recommendations but I'll have to check them prices first. Thanks in advance! : D
  4. I've understood that DVD+R means that you can only save files once, but this case's got a little RW logo
  5. It's the gigabyte one, the B360M DS3H, I guess I'll just have to have some faith, otherwise I'll just ask for an 8th Gen one. Thanks a lot
  6. Oh no, ryzen cpus are expensive af, here in Mexico, it's really a shame, as it's way cheaper over there
  7. According to my exhaustive research (3 min) it will work with the B360M, buut, can I just slam that b*tch in there? Or do I need an 8th Gen cpu to update the bios, that would be a problem, as I'm upgrading from the i3 6100
  8. It's an old Altec tweeter that sounds amazing. Model is 811B horn. Broken side VS normal one
  9. It's a samsung TV (2010), and I've got an RX 580. I disabled Hardware acceleration on Chrome and it fixed the issues there, but Popcorn Time is still failing. All drivers are up to date
  10. It's really just what the title says, so I'll attach some screenshots (It´s not a chrome problem, as the second screenshot is from Popcorn Time)
  11. Hi Ive got an I3-6100 and an RX 580, which is bottlenecking my CPU badly. Im saving some money so I can buy an I5-8400. But meanwhile, Im looking for a temporary solution