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  • Birthday May 14, 2001

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    Mallorca, Spain
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    Computers, videogames, electronics, science in general


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    Ryzen Threadripper 1920x
  • Motherboard
    Msi x399 Creation
  • RAM
    64 GB G.Skill Ripjaws V
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    Titan X pascal
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    Deepcool Genome ROG certified
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    Two 1TB WD Red in Raid 0 + 500GB ssd
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    Corsair TX850M
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    1080p ultrawide + x3 1080p 16:9 + 1440x900 4:3
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    Deepcool captain 360 (integrated with the case)
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    Razer Huntsman elite + Razer Orbweaver chroma
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    Razer naga
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    Trust Gxt 618 soundbar
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    Windows 10 pro
  • Laptop
    Alienware 13 R3 OLED

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  1. So last time i visited my local recycler for parts i found an Acer S1002 convertible netbook. it was in pretty bad condition, but figured i've give it a try, since if the touchscreen worked it could be a nice laptop to control a cnc machine. The thing works and boots to windows, but it has a password. No problem i tought, since i was planning to do a fresh install anyways. The problem is, it just doesnt work. The boot menu was disabled by default, but it doesnt do anything. If i try to boot from the installation usb, it just boots straight into its preinstalled windows, i've tried with differe
  2. x58 doesnt support NVME natively. Even with x79 you have to use a modded bios to make it work. I dont know if there is a modded bios for the rampage iii, i havent been able to find anyone that got it to work
  3. You mean two full ATX motherboards? most of the options on the market only support a full ATX and a mini ITX
  4. So i've been recently looking to upgrade to the x399 platform now that 1st and 2nd gen threadripper are super cheap, and i found a x399 meg creation motherboard for 130€. All the other threadripper motherboards that i have found are at least 300€ for the flagship ones like the zenith and the aorus extreme, or are 250 for non flagship models. According to the seller, the USB ports on this board don't work. If i connect one of those pcie cards with a bunch of USB ports in it, will it work? should i buy it?
  5. I hope they show it at the end of the conference like they did with the 3900x
  6. So i recently bought 3 new screens to replace the 4480x1080 surround setup that i had to a 6390x1080 (an ultrawide in the middle and two 16:9 at the sides) and some games dont scale very well with that resolution, so for example if the minimap doesnt remain in the middle screen and it goes to an edge is so far away that i cant see it without turning my neck, and doing that is not only distracting from the game, but it hurts my neck after a few hours. Is there any software or workaround to stream part of the screen to for example my phone or another pc. I have taken apart my old laptop and cone
  7. Nope, i only know for sure there is a problem with the subwoofer, i'll RMA soon, but if i find a solution i'll post it
  8. I just ignore these types of charts and listen to electronic and some indie music, but i agree with you, its pretty much all garbage...
  9. in device manager there aren't any warnings, but i dont see any touchscreen either, the only one i see is the "generic Pnp monitor"
  10. Alredy rebooted and reinstalled the drivers of the screen, but the problem seems to persist
  11. So i bought an alienware 13 r3 some days ago and it was working perfectly, but i just connected to a second screen in class and the touch capability seems to have gone, even with the second screen disconected. Windows reports that is not a touchscreen, but it was working 15 min ago and it has been working fine until now. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks in advice
  12. and isnt any way to make this work? the concept is similar to the nvidia mosaic that linus used in his 16k video