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  1. XVB

    The q300L is Noisy

    ok so I just finished cutting it open, and it is awsome, and frankly it isn't even seakend in any way, and I've given it pretty big holes. Now the case is silent and cool, I got around 6 degrees C of now on the same noise level. and I have no issue with it reving up now, it is still quiet enough not to bother me anymore.
  2. XVB

    The q300L is Noisy

    yeah but still, it feels disapointing
  3. XVB

    The q300L is Noisy

    I would sell it but, I don't know to who. And i kinda like it except for the noise
  4. XVB

    The q300L is Noisy

    my temps rose by 10 degrees and its just a shame they can't ramp up like they used to.
  5. XVB

    The q300L is Noisy

    I tried it took the fans to just around 20% speed, and I get weak air flow, I'm air cooled BTW. I noticed it after moving my fans from my old case and started getting these awful noises that never happened before unless I was using 100% speed.
  6. The Q300L from cooler Master is noisy isnt it? the fans area dead quite, but because the air needs to get through small perforated holes there is quite some air turbulence. has anyone else experience this? and has any one have any luck with a solution. I'm going to try and just cutting the steel around the intake fans.
  7. Ohh, hellbent is the word my friend, quriosity Is just too strong, decided to go with a 2200g, knowing me, i'd probably be itching to try the ryzen 3000
  8. Yeah, it's not a permanent thing, so should I buy used? I think it's a risk, I mean its cheap already
  9. whats your opinion? 2200g +RX570 used or 2500g used? So I'm not crazy to go from a GTX 1070 do an APU right? I mean I'm going to upgrade around next year
  10. If converted 2200g/1200/i3 is around $90 Rx570 is $180 new and $120 used It is a severe downgrade, But the 1070 isn't exactly a 4k smoothy And I have been playing esports titles lately down the line I think 2020 would be very exiting to buy a new CPU/GPU I' might not even need to change my CPU since the 1600 is already satisfactory for me
  11. Ok so I have a Ryzen 1600 OC to 3,7 GHz 2666 mHz Corsair RGB pro ram OC to 3000 Fatal1ty MIni ITX AB350 mobo from AsRock and a zotac mini GTX 1070 as it so happens a friend wanted one so i though ok he could have it at a discount while i make a new one buttt, being where i live, things are a lot more expensive so i decided to use the 2400g to hold out to like 2020 and just see from there I mean for gaming its faster slightly than a 1600 the vega 11 can work with esports titles i don't have as much time for gaming anymore anyway so... am I just super cheap or does it make sense? I mean alternatively I'm thinking 2600 and a RX 570 8g (I think the 1070 was disappointing for the price and I can live with lower graphics) but then so much more money, and rx 580s don't have a lot of lifespan left. so I'm thinking the 2400g makes the most sense, or am I just a cheap ass SOB? thnx
  12. I have a sugo sg 13, and the noisiest thing is the psu. so any sugestions would be nice. tnx
  13. XVB

    i3-6100 bottleneck by an RX 480

    But, Battlefield 1 scales very good, from what I see. like it totally uses everything the system has. May be I'll post the results someday. thx man, been a big help
  14. XVB

    i3-6100 bottleneck by an RX 480

    how much of a hit do you think i'll be getting? Yaeh, I'll think about it some more when its released. tnx man. cool profile pic BTW, call the cops
  15. XVB

    i3-6100 bottleneck by an RX 480

    IK right? and no tax mark up in my country too. so its like dollar per local currency priced. but i think i'm going to get a better GPU first