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  1. I am going to be VERY honest. I spent a whole week on Linux recently because I was also excited about the Gaming Experience... I just wanted to taste it... Do not change from Windows to Linux yet... Proton is not what it will be yet... Wait for steam deck to come out first... Even after, it might take a few months if not longer to get things going... If you want to play AAA titles with anti cheats for example... Hang tight... I am in the same boat as you. The day Linux can run all the AAA games I play out of the box, I have given my self the commitment to make Visual
  2. Hello guys, Spent about a week with mint... I give this distro a score of 80 for gaming, I hope it gets to 100 after steam deck gets out. Here is what I have to say: But it is really good in other things, and really bad for others. (I can only speak for the things I tried.) My veredict: "for Linux mint" ------------------ GAMING -------------------- 80%, Hopefully 100% After steam deck. *If your thing is 100% gaming, forget it right now, and wait for all the post STEAM DECK adaptations. The AAA titles will require a KVM passthrough with a kernell mod. T
  3. (we're anticipating more native game support because of steam deck and windows privacy doesn't exist even after using OO software and stuff) Hello there guys, since I am going back to Linux Full time, , I am going to do my best to help our Linux Community. Attached is a program to automatically install custom versions of PROTON to use with steam with 1 command. Tested with MINT. 1)extract main from the attached tar.gz 2) type ./main in your terminal to run (does not need sudo). I am also attaching the source code in case you want to com
  4. As long as things work out of the box and work as intended people won't quit! ... It seems like in POP OS has something unorthodox heavily modified. The fact my screen resolution, refresh rate, and primary screen was resetting every time i restarted, rendered the OS broken for me. Now if something like this happens to a newbie, what will they do? Linux needs to work out of the box like windows. Many distros are solid... but pop os is broken at a whole new level. I understand these distros are including a lot of cute things to make it friendly but if they break Linux to get it
  5. Hello there guys, I use Linux Backtrack/Kali for my servers (mysql, apache etc)... In this scenario, I don't need a gnome or any fancy DE or a DE at all. I use windows for everything else (ASM, C, c++, c# development and gaming). I also use a lot of Ida Pro, Ghidra, Xdbg 32 / 64, ollydbg, scyllahide and a lot of other toys. I decided to take a look at some other Linux Distros to see what was good for gaming out of the box. I did this because I heard Battleye and easy anti cheat games will run on linux native with out the use of KVM passthrough + kernel recompile (to avo
  6. Thanks for all the response guys. Just got home from work... It got worse ! ... Like WOW worse. I attached a picture. It seems to be a deteriorated panel. Let me drive to Boston and get a substitute I guess... I was happy with it for what it was intended to do but too bad it couldn't reach the 3 year mark. For the record, I never overclocked it.
  7. Here is another picture from the back... I think ventilation wise it's ok.
  8. Lol,! I think the ventilation is fine... Not crowded in here or anything. Let me share a picture of the area... Also I will share a picture of a close up ... Note the fine horizontal lines... Any other NON horizontal line is an artifact from taking a pictures of a screen with a phone lol, just ignore any NON horizontal line. Left is a Predator, right is the AOC. I tried swapping the cables to eliminate that from the possibility list. I also swapped the cable with the G7 behind me... The cables are all fine.
  9. That's the thing, not twice, 3 times... lol. And they were all bought as a secondary monitor. I never ever even gamed on them. Like I said, I only use my secondary monitor to read text like Visual Studio, unreal engine and stuff... Or photoshop I guess...
  10. Thank you. I never knew anything about their panel and stuff. Is this a common issue?.. I didn't want to go full fledge on a secondary monitor since I don't use them for gaming at all... I just like my secondary monitor to match the size of my primary monitor... so I went with the cheapest 144hz one I found at the time...
  11. It seems like I just had bad luck with AOC then... Major bad luck because my only 3 AOC monitors all failed
  12. Thanks for the reply... It was working fine until yesterday, so it worked good for a couple of years then it broke.
  13. Hello there everyone. Hope everything is well ! Am I missing something about these AOC monitors? I have multiple gaming machines, and I tested this monitor (Q32G1WG4 ) on multiple GPUs with multiple Cables (3090, 2080ti, 1080)... The monitor is bad, not the cable or gpu. I found a weird pattern... My first AOC (don't remember the model #), still works (Downgraded to a office monitor after the panel started ghosting) ... some serious response time issues... The ghosting is real while moving a simple windows explorer window, and things like that(this issue develope
  14. Well.... In the automotive industry, a car manufacturer needs to provide support to a vehicle (parts, etc) for a minimum of X amount of years. So if Fiat sold a Fiat vehicle in america, It couldn't just bail out and stop supporting the vehicle as they wished. I know this because I met the former owner of Central Ford in Framingham Massachusetts, and we used to talk alot. I don't see why he'd lie to me. I tried to search online for the specific regulation to give you the exact amount of years but I couldn't find it anywhere. I am assuming, the computer industry is probably regu