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  • CPU
    Intel i5-6600k
  • Motherboard
    Asus Rog Maximus VIII
  • RAM
    16GB Hyperx 2400mhz 8+8
  • GPU
    Asus Strix Rx480 8GB OC
  • Case
    nzxt s340
  • Storage
    240gb hyper x fury ssd + 1T hd
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    nox hummer 650w
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    24' samsung 60hz 4ms
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    cooler master seidon v2
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    logitech g403
  • Sound
    Hyperx cloud
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    windows 10 pro
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  1. Hi So i bought a m.2 970 evo ,and i formated my pc ,,,selected the boot on the 970 , the old ssd was formated ,but the hdd is where i keep the backup ..... Unfortunaly it doesnt show up on the pc, itryed disk managment to see if he appears there ,but no , it only appears on the bios I really need the backup in there tryed disconnecting the old ssd , still doesnt show up pls help
  2. The prices here are close other countries, I can buy it without vat too.. Im not looking to the cheapest of the cheapest, I still have some gap to 300€ +-.. The ones that grabbed my attention were the benq xl2411 and the Asus VG248QE 24" LED 3D 144Hz
  3. Looks like a cool monitor, not sure about the brand tho
  4. Hi, next month I'm buying a new monitor since my old one is coming to shoe some defects, I already chosed 1080p because fuck 1440p I earn minimum wage... So I was looking for some 24" 1080p 144hz and I come across a lot of options under 350€... Should I just pick anyone or will it be a a big difference between some? Do you have any recommendations? Gonna use it mainly on competive fps games.
  5. ill do that but only on last resource if theres no other solution
  6. i installed voicemeeter too ,after unsinstalling it im having fps drop and cpu overload when changing audio volume ,any help?
  7. HI so today i installed voicemeeter banana to check if i could improve my mic sound ,but i disliked it so i unistalled the software and since then im having massive issues with cpu load ... im having huge fps drops on game like 100 fps normally and 50fps after changing the sound volume "with a keyboard scroll key" i already reinstalled realtek sound and even the gpu driver to a older one cause i updated it today too.. still with the same problem. any one having the same problem or have a solutio.....waiting for a answer . thanks specs - gtx 1070 evga ftw i5-6600k oc 4.4
  8. Update rx 580 was defective so i bought a evga gtx1070 ftw after waiting 2 months
  9. have you saw ,linus new video talking about your post :D 


    1. Princess Luna

      Princess Luna

      Too bad they didn't show the forum screen like they some times do, I love when my picture ends up appearing on those wan shows whenever they go to the forum to show something xD

    2. PCGuy_5960


      Yeah, I got roasted by Linus xD

    3. PCGuy_5960


      It was very funny tho xD

  10. Benchmark: Superposition 1080p Extreme Cpu : i5 6600k Gpu : asus strix rx 580 avg : 19.62 max: 22.57 min : 15.69 Score : 2623
  11. so about the gtx evga 1070 is it good ?i saw some videos of some of them catching fire and ,well with the luck im having that may happend btw all rx 480 rx580 are out of stock now
  12. Here another error while playing battlefield 1 and etc its driving me crazy
  13. Here another error while playing battlefield 1 and etc its driving me crazy
  14. yes i know ,i did a fresh install of windows when i got this new rx 580 and still shows problems ,probobaly its a motherboard problem because its not very common getting 2 bad gpus