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    FX 8350 @ 5.1Ghz
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    Gigabyte A-870A-USB3L
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    10GB (8+2GB) Generic 1866Mhz
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    Zotac GTX 1050ti OC
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    Win 10 Pro 64

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  1. Let us know when dates are finalized, I'd like to buy my airline tickets as far ahead as possible. PS, anyone traveling from Ontario and want to drive/split gas?
  2. If you're doing Raid in 2019 without Unraid, you're doing it wrong lol
  3. Winter is coming and I'm going to need a space heater, mine died in the spring. Instead of buying a cheap space heater from Canadian Tire I thought, why not make some money off of that heat? What miner has the best ROI for someone who has free power. My unit has power included. Looking for ~<$350. Also considering hooking up my old FX 8350 motherboard+CPU+RAM to run 2 GPUs if ROI is faster. *NO I won't be buying 50 of them to run at once, The BTC earned will go towards a second one if it's too cold in the space I want them in, otherwise/then towards PC parts because newegg accepts Bitcoin in Canada. Between my old 1050ti and my new 1660ti I mined enough to just buy myself a 1TB Intel 660p m.2 drive ! I'm craving more!
  4. How old is the PSU? Had a PSUs fan fail on me years ago and it kept buzzing/clicking. I ended up just cramming a piece of tape in it and putting a 120mm case fan directly against it until I could get a replacement PSU
  5. Got a cheap acer switch one 10 and during the 3 hours of updates it started just randomly restarting. Thinking it was an issue with the OS (windows always messing up when running lots of updates) I decided to just rip a fresh copy to a Flashdrive and install from there. Reformatted the 32GB drive, tried installing it and it only gets to 28% each time before the computer just restarts. I took it apart and repasted it, left it half open to make sure it wasn't getting hot and it's not. Battery is 100% charged and happens with the battery plugged in or not, charger plugged in or not. Guessing the emmc is failing? Is there a USB based tool I can use to test the emmc memory? I just ripped a copy of Knoppix to a USB for now since it runs purely from RAM, working fine for now.
  6. I'd assume picking the 2600 is based on budget, I just picked one up for 42% off MSRP on Newegg a couple weeks ago. Choosing B450 means he has a good upgrade path, assuming 4th gen Ryzen gets a BIOS update on it. I agree with the ram, 3200mhz is the bare minimum you want to run when gaming on Ryzen. 3600mhz seems to be the sweetspot to relieve bottleneck based on RAM. Are you buying that SSD for any particular reason? Or is it just because you already have it. The Intel 660p m.2 is dirt cheap and multiple times faster. i.e 1TB 660p for $100 USD https://www.newegg.com/intel-660p-series-1tb/p/N82E16820167462?Description=660p&cm_re=660p-_-20-167-462-_-Product
  7. I was running an FX 8350 and was only getting about 40-50fps on high settings x2 AA with my 1660ti. After upgrading to a Ryzen 5 2600 a few weeks ago I can now crank the games settings to Ultra with x16 AA and keep 60fps stable (running 5760x1080 Nvidia surround) GTA is very CPU dependent, especially when it comes time to start pushing more than 60fps. Did you remember to go into Nvidia Control Panel, to Manage 3D settings and change power management to "prefer maximum performance" and texture filtering to "high performance" ? They're set to their optimal power modes by default. Easily a 10-15% increase in FPS just changing those 2 settings.
  8. Bottleneck calculator shows a 40% bottleneck , which is what you're experiencing. https://pc-builds.com/calculator/Core_i7-4790/GeForce_RTX_2080_SUPER/0zU14vlu/32/ I'd suggest selling the motherboard+CPU+ram and getting a Ryzen 5 2600 (easily found for 40-50% off right now) 16GB of 3200mhz and a simple motherboard.
  9. A great video series would be for a home server rack guide , as many tech entheusiests want to put together a home server rack, but have no idea where to start. Ep1) Long term goals, budget, case selection Ep1) PFSense Switch Ep2) Unraid NAS Ep3) Plex and Home data backup Ep4) DIY Game server running last gen hardware (So many FX chips collecting dust lol), then at the end joke and put the bada** Minecraft server in there too Ep5) UPS + Cable management Then put the whole tower in the LAN Center since it'd look badass in there and the server room is already full enough lol
  10. Birthday: 2005-02-07 Bruh you're 14? Just admit you cheated lol
  11. I have a 1.5Gbit download speed on my modem. But the Ethernet is Gigabit. I've been happy using 2/3 of my download speed until now, but I realized after recently upgrading to Ryzen that I have pretty good WiFI on my motherboard and built into the Modem itself, I tested it and it tests at ~<500Mbps. Is there a way to pick and choose which network each program uses? For instance, if I were downloading a game on Steam I could do it at ~450mbps on WifI, but also a game on another launcher at Gigabit on Ethernet, let's say Red Dead Redemption 2 in a few weeks from now. It'd also be nice to have Chrome/Netflix use WiFi while I download to get top speeds. Or a way to combine the two to get 1.5Gbps? It's nice knowing every mobile device in my house could be downloading updates and I'd still have full Gigabit, but I want more haha Thanks forum Modem speed test WiFi Speed Test Ethernet Speed Test
  12. I'd recommend he spend the same amount of money on a Wireless AP so he can also have Ethernet across his other devices in the dorm. The onboard antennas of a router would provide a much more stable connection than any type you could install in a laptop, especially in a high-traffic area like a dorm. Almost every modern Asus router has it if you get something AC600 or better. Just takes the WiFi and spits out Ethernet, like a router but in reverse haha
  13. Search at https://www.geforce.com/drivers Here's the link to the most recent driver listed https://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/132845 Alternatively, install their Geforce Experience software and use that to keep your driver up to date.