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  • Birthday 1996-03-02

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    Ontario, Canada
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    We're all here for the same reason
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    McDonalds and Actor


  • CPU
    FX 8350 @ 5.1Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte A-870A-USB3L
  • RAM
    10GB (8+2GB) Generic 1866Mhz
  • GPU
    Zotac GTX 1050ti OC
  • Case
    Fractal Design Focus G White
  • Storage
    240GB Kingston + 2x750GB Seagate
  • PSU
    Thermaltake SMART 600W
  • Display(s)
    3x20" 1080p 60hz 2ms by AOC
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 AIO
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G15 1st gen
  • Mouse
    Logitech G300s
  • Sound
    Logitech Z213
  • Operating System
    Win 10 Pro 64

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  1. Chronified

    Would this be bad?

    1660 Ti and the 1070 Ti are almost level in terms of performance, with the 1070ti sitting about 10% ahead atm. But the 1660 Ti is expected to get better slowly over time as it's based on Turing and hasn't been completely optimized yet. The 1070 Ti is based on Pascal and has been out for quite some time so you won't really expect much for performance gains over time. I'd expect the 1660 Ti to level out in performance for the 1070ti in a few months. As for upgrading to the 1080, unless you can get back 100% of what you spent on the 1660Ti to make it worth your while, it really isn't. You'd be getting maybe 30% better framerates than you are now with it. Save your money for a few months, sell the 1660ti and get a RTX 2070 or a 1080 ti. Look into upgrading your CPU or overclocking. P.S. update your drivers, the launch drivers and the current drivers saw about a 10% gain in FPS for me
  2. Chronified

    Intel is selling cheap?

    It'd make a great game drive, turn off pagefile and DON'T use it as your C drive
  3. Chronified

    Migrating D:

    Just copy-paste your files from the HDD to the SSd then
  4. Chronified

    Migrating D:

    You COULD clone it, but this would be the perfect opportunity to do a fresh install of Windows
  5. Chronified

    280mm AIO mounting location

    Do pic #2 so your GPU is breathing fresh air, if you go with pic #1 you'll be dumping the hot air from the CPU into the case, then adding the GPU heat ontop. Pic 2 will exhaust the hot air directly out of the top of the case.
  6. What games do you play? SLI support is garbage for most games nowadays. Be sure to search up if the games you play have SLI support and what kind of scaling they support. Some games will actually preform worse with it enabled lol
  7. Chronified

    980 ti for productivity

    That'd be the 980 The 980ti is =~1070ti=~1660ti
  8. Chronified

    Need a 1080p m-atx build.

    Pricerange might help
  9. Prime95 is how you test for stability, Linus, Luke, Anthony, Alex and I'm sure others that I can't confirm (bc I haven't seen them doing it in videos) at the office use Prime95 for stability testing. Heck even Kingpin, der8auer, BitWit and GamersNexus use it to test for stability. Obviously "cinebench and realbench is enough" is a false statement because. here you are, asking if your CPU is stable because it's NOT. Cinebench and realbench don't test for stability, they test for overall performance. Just because they don't crash during testing doesn't mean that your system is stable.
  10. Download Prime95 and run Small FFTs (max heat) If you see errors starting to pop up, or the system crashes, or if your CPU clocks drop due to thermal throttling, you're not stable.
  11. Chronified

    LCDSirReal Crack?

    You, sir, are a godsent! Thank you so much!
  12. Chronified

    LCDSirReal Crack?

    Yeah it's abandonware, I looked on their forum and it's littered by people who donated and haven't received the full version. I donated anyways in hope of one day receiving the full copy. What do you recommend?
  13. Chronified

    Balanced Power Plan Causes Micro Stutters

    The first thing you should do when you set up Windows for gaming is to move windows into High Performance mode. Balanced and Power saver work by reducing the clock speed, or when not possible it reduces the effective percentage of the CPU that can be used by programs. (click advanced and go to the CPU section to see). PCIe powersaving is also used in some systems through that menu, which can cause GPU bottleneck. Best thing to do is make a custom plan and max everything out, including HDD/Screen times (just put 0 and it'll set to never) tl;dr
  14. Or Spend the $12 on a used RasPi or use an old PC to make a PiHole, completely removing the need for GlassWire