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  1. Can you Recognize this Knock-Off Keyboard Design?

    I have one without the numpad or anything I like it a lot. I don't use it.
  2. Can you Recognize this Knock-Off Keyboard Design?

    looks like a 2007 era apple keyboard.
  3. If you can still run the games you like, then you should be fine for now. However, AM3+ is too outdated at this point, so you should save for new intel or AMD parts.
  4. Card hierarchy

    Oh, I'm dumb. With the titan - If he has good airflow temps would be a bit better. Still runs better as a card. I'd go for the titan.
  5. Card hierarchy

    Maybe SLI 2 1060s? that would get numbers real quick. If you dont want to I would go for the 1070
  6. OC software

    EVGA Precision X Don't go too far, and be careful. https://www.evga.com/precisionxoc/
  7. Build help

    The Ryzen 2600x might actually be your best decision, save a few bucks maybe.
  8. Owo Dairy queens is gud

  9. The link to the website that removes drivers

    or or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bQS9zilDXk It's ONE of these... probably...
  10. NEW SERIES: Why is EVERYONE Buying this Tablet??

    I got the old model for about 130. why did i spend money on that? i lost the thing 6 months later anyways.
  11. RGB or lack of

    This voids all warranty, and fans typically have the LED's on the outside bracket.
  12. Need sub 100$ earphones.

    I would look into the purple deepheart on massdrop. great wooden build. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-e-mu-purpleheart
  13. New Kanye Album Leaks

    Here's the cover for Kids See Ghosts. As for the album, it's actually getting pushed up to June 1st. After Kanye's bullshit about Trump, he took a step back from finishing his solo project and now that's looking like it'll be out moreso in July. Don't know if this affects the dates of everything else, like Teyana and Pusha. KSG has been done for a few months now. Ye just wanted everything to come out all at once. The tracklist he posted was unfinished. They added a couple tracks they initially took off. One has James Vincent McMorrow on it. The final cut of the album has 10 tracks. Mos Def has a singing verse on the album that's heavily caked in effects. The whole album's just fucking weird. When Cudi and Ye started work on this project, they basically wanted to make a "rap Tame Impala." They definitely achieved that. This is definitely Cudi's best performance since Man On the Moon II. Probably because his vocals are finally mixed properly and he's not doing the instrumentals. Well, he plays some guitar on a couple tracks but other than that he's just contributed vocals. Kacy Hill's basically on every song, just doing background vocals. Ye's favorite song on PP&DS was Releaser and he really liked Cudi and Kacy's chemistry on it. Kanye produced 7 of the 10 tracks on it. Emile Haynie did 2, and Pharrell did 1. That's about it. Bye.
  14. My nephews first pc

    Is he gaming on it?
  15. Spectrum Internet plan