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    dizmo reacted to Jtalk4456 in The Journey to Health   
    1. Well I'll start with today, though today won't be typical, I'll just start today to get in the routine of tracking.
    So in laws are visiting and got pizza yesterday. This morning, I woke up late, tossed left over pizza in my lunch box and hit bojangles on the way to work. I had their SEC biscuit combo with fries and 2 cheerwine. This is overboard I know, but I'm getting over something and my throat was feeling awful so i needed the Cheerwine to soothe my throat. So today will be a pretty unhealthy day, even by my standards. When I get home, I will probably grab a bologna and cheese on either a plain bagel or 2 slices of sara lee artisano bread (the whitest of white bread, but it's amazing!!) To try and balance everything out, I'm gonna find some veggies in a can somewhere in the cabinet and eat them and an apple with the sandwich for dinner
    2. nope, got a under the desk pedaler if i remember to bring it, nope, i could, but if i'm being honest that's gonna be as demotivating as a treadmill and i'll have trouble convincing myself to do this one
    3. I'll look into this today between calls
    4. I never eat white bread!

    ummm... that was for a umm birthday party, yeah! definitely not normal behavior...
    5. But can I get my beer belly to get muscle? XD I'm not too worried about being strong, I just need the belly fat gone, so whatever works
  2. Agree
    dizmo reacted to TacoSenpai in The Journey to Health   
    Two things.  Get your music player/phone.  Add a bunch of Eurobeat and DBZ music = profit.
    No seriously thats what worked for me and keeping me from being bored on the treadmill hearing the DBZ guitar get goin or the Initial D music drop instant adrenaline rush and boost to motivation.
    Also while you're trying to lose weight figure in weight lifting people underestimate how much energy is really burned off lifting weights plus for guys it is a good boost for testosterone which has its positive effects especially for weight loss
    Consider a supplement of Vitamin C nothing complicated just a basic Vitamin C pill.  Not only good for your immune system but helps counteracts the effects of cortisol (comes from stress) which can make weight loss difficult. 
  3. Like
    dizmo got a reaction from IBIMPUC in Please Help!   
    What's your budget? That'd be the best place to start.
    Do you do a lot of PS work, and happen to know your average file size?
    I have a friend who does quite a bit of PS work, his files can exceed 14GB. Generally with PS, the more RAM you have the better.
    Unfortunately I know little about video editing other than it likes cores.
    Do you like gaming? Is that a priority at all?
    Do you plan to overclock?
    Really? I'd recommend a Xeon for what he's doing. Cheaper, more cores.