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  1. G502 gives you 800 fps
  2. Is there any good deals on ssds? 2.5 M.2 Pcie. I'm looking for 500gb and up that are good deals. New or used
  3. Buzz301

    the forest

    anyone here play the forest? i could use some tips. the people attack me a ton. i can easily kill them just takes up time
  4. All the same. Nvme is just a faster SSD Just like a m.2, same as a 2.5 inch just faster
  5. Well more then that. Windows on a SSD can boot up on two seconds. Game mostly singleplayer games will have way shorter loading times. And yes people who do alot of video editing and have to transfer files it helps with
  6. Becase the HDD/SSD doesn't process graphics or anything. Only thing a SSD does is read/write files faster then a HDD RAM is more then likely what you will need more of to handle more people in the park
  7. Putting a game on an SSD decreases load times, doesn't increase performance
  8. Pretty sure he said best CPU for max fps, not best Mobo