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  1. Even at 3440x1440? I feel as if the GPU would be the bottleneck at that point. If it doesn't feel more responsive outside of gaming then the incentive to upgrade ram is very low for me.
  2. Alright, seems like everyone is on the same page on this, for some reason I was getting very conflicting answers elsewhere. Maybe I was just asking in the wrong place. Thanks everyone!
  3. 3900x OS installed on a WD750 NVMe 2x8gb 2933mhz CL18 I believe GTX 1080 The amount won't make a difference to me for sure. Outside of gaming it's just regular general use but I do like to heavily multi task. Planning to upgrade to a RTX 3080 if stock allows. I'm asking this because I know my ram is definitely one of the weakest part of my system and it holds back some potential of my CPU(It was pulled from an older system and became the last thing I considered when stepping up with my build slowly) but since I game on 3440x1440 I figured it wouldn't make too much of a difference at that resolution. If it made everything outside of gaming just slightly but a noticeable difference, I'd be more inclined to upgrade. I might as well include: Is CL16-16-16-36 much better than 16-19-19-39 or that's just another marginal difference? So much to look out for in a ram lol. Appreciate the responses so far, thanks.
  4. I'm not interested in gaming performance since I'd mostly be bottlenecked by my gpu at higher resolutions. I'm wondering if faster memory with tighter timings would make any noticeable difference in overall system responsiveness, with normal daily use. Such as latency in opening apps and windows and such like that. Example going from 3000mhz CL18 to 3600 CL16? On a 3900x since that'll probably be a factor in this. I've asked several difference places already and I've gotten very conflicting answers. Thanks in advance!
  5. It isn't just being able to upgrade the device with serviceability, it's maintaining it. Very hard to clean the dust out and can't change thermal paste.
  6. no, the bios was updated awhile ago even before I bought the new cpu.
  7. Gigabyte x470 ultra gaming, latest bios version Samsung 850 EVO Upgrading from an AMD 2700x to an 3900x results in an Inaccessible boot device BSOD. Reinstalling the 2700x lets me boot back into windows 10. Made sure Sata mode is AHCI. Bios settings resets to default after switching CPUs so I tried that as well. Cannot boot into safemode, tried editing msconfig to boot to safemode, then swap the CPUs out, still boots into the BSOD. Anyone familiar with the issue? I'm trying to avoid reinstalling windows if possible. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank GOD for RGB cable standards for PCs. /s
  9. 14:01 Maybe Heather killed the ram slot when she was jamming the AIO in there. I didn't like that crunch sound. Fun video to watch though!
  10. @Slick How was the comfort level of the controls? They look extremely small and cramped. Did you ever test out the Joycon holding it horizontally for multiplayer use? That is what worry me the most for comfort level.
  11. I'm sure they have already heard of the complains on the thumbnails but instead they're keeping it to generate more controversy and discussions. Or to "troll" knowing that we hate it. Either way I've been a long LTT fan even before he started his own company and I have to say the videos are just getting worse and worse. We're getting misinformed included with the shitty thumbnails now.