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  1. I have returned from the underworld just to this one thread on this forum because I saw the video and the J29s which were one of the top chosen earbuds made the list. I bought these back in November last year under another brand on UK amazon - Yineme, and they still work to this day with no issues. The wing tip things for running are also great. The audio is basically decent, nothing offensive, so yeah I also recommend them having around 9 months usage. I upgraded to Galaxy Buds a couple of weeks ago but still use these for my gym sessions and when I go running.
  2. rav007

    1180Ti CONFIRMED

    The most elaborate april fools joke a day late why you do this
  3. It's the era of fake outrage. People taking offense on behalf of someone else who, likely, wasnt offended in the first place. Considering the auctions had online bidders, theres a chance he may not have known NCIX but saw the listing in a local auction that has a youtube plaque? I would have done my research with regards to NCIX but that doesn't mean he would. I give him a pass on this point. I see what you're saying, but just thinking about who Linus is and how he talks and composes himself and his professional attitude when talking about his time at NCIX or how he makes business decisions for LMG, I think Linus would have found his calling one way or another. NCIX just happens to be one of the catalysts for that. There are no allegations, Linus is intelligent, we all are in many ways. People can be late to things, it does happen. The bidding of the lot he wanted was difficult to understand, it happened so fast and the auctioneer talked so fast I couldn't make out what he was saying but I can't speak for Linus. He may appear to be shouting but its a warehouse and he is mic'd up so it may sound louder to us than it was to everyone else. Once a community puts a person up on a pedestal by following him in the millions, you can't expect that person to not feel an ego boost as if they're doing something right. Thats human nature. There are very few successful and humble people. But I agree about our community backlash against mindchop, its way over the top. Also there is nothing wrong with me, dont be so rude. Some people have more money than sense. I know researchers in the UK who come from Asia, pay 25k a year, and drive around in high spec BMWs and Jaguars. It isn't just an Asia issue, just an example. You know a Jaguar costs like 4x as much in China as it does in UK? I was told that by a Chinese friend. This is a universal issue across many industries now including tech. I see people paying upwards of £1000 for a graphics card and then they'll buy the next generation top spec and just leave this one on a shelf to collect dust.
  4. But it isn't our decision, Linus made the choice to not pay him and let him have it. Consider the alternatives, the guy could have straight up said no. They could have bid against each other and the lot been more expensive as a result. I just dont understand the outrage. It feels like fake outrage to me, taking offense on behalf of someone else who isnt offended. No offense.
  5. These are just allegations. We dont know the full circumstances because we weren't there. What are your sources? If you're going to throw someone under the bus you should at least quote where you get the information from. I did think it was suspect how he was pretty much at an NCIX auction and looking Linus in the face and then acted like he didnt know. But there are many unknowns, like he may have just turned up because there was a 100k plaque listed online and he wanted it, not knowing anything about NCIX or otherwise. He may have not seen LTT videos or knew who Linus was because I know there are many channels with millions of subs that I dont know of, I discover a new one each week on YT. So it is entirely possible. Though I dont like his content, it doesn't mean his community doesnt exist. There may be as many subs as he has and they may like his videos. But above everything else, I doubt Linus would want to destroy a persons channel. I don't know Linus personally but picking up from how he presents himself and the collaboration projects he does I just don't see that being the case. Linus and LMG in general do their due diligence.
  6. @LinusTech Would you please address the Mindchop thing at some point? I think it is unfair on the guy, hes just getting harassed and as per the video he was going to give you the plaque and you told him to keep it. His latest video has been destroyed with comments and dislikes from our community.
  7. I have to pick just one? I'll give you a list: Logitech G600 in white, it looked cool and had a button for the ring finger but then I never played MMO games. ASUS 15" USB portable monitor, I wanted an extra screen for work but this only worked over USB and it was kinda meh. Replaced it recently with 2x packed pixels, I used it maybe twice. Wacom tablet - I thought I could draw. I couldn't. 3D Connexion space navigator. I thought I could 3D model. I couldn't. But I did use it to fly around in Google earth a couple of times. Logitech trackball, the blue one whose name I don't remember. I saw people gaming with a trackball and saying it was awesome. I tried it, it wasn't. Useful to use on a plane though, all of the two times a year you're on one of those. I regret the ASUS monitor the most though. WTF even is displaylink tho, even makes youtube lag.
  8. To address the actual exhaust heat of your laptop, I'd look at it in a different way. If the exhaust is hot, it means the heatsink is also really hot, and therefore the CPU and GPU must also be really hot. If the CPU and GPU temps can be reduced using liquid metal, which seems to be quite widely documented that it generally does, the heatsink temps should also reduce and then the exhaust air temperature should too. It's about the weakest link in the chain of transferring energy and if that weakest link is the paste due to its resistance to heat transfer, then replacing it with a material of lower resistance to heat transfer should improve the situation. But this isn't me advising you to do it.
  9. Hello I have a Samsung 840 SSD which I salvaged from my old laptop, sadly I have no room for it in my new laptop as I have 2tb HDD and 960gb SATA SSD in there. But I just came here from watching a couple of LTT videos and it got me thinking. As USB type C can transfer at 10Gbps and SATA3 is limited to 6Gbps, the videos said that SSD capabilities surpass SATA's capabilities, the latter being the bottleneck. So if I put my SSD into a USB Type C enclosure, do you think it will be possible to get faster than SATA3 read/write speeds? My thought process is that although the interface of the drive is still SATA, it isn't transferring data through an on-board SATA connection, it is connected via USB, and I got the impression that the on-board SATA is what caused the bottleneck in transfer speeds. Thoughts? Thanks
  10. Exactly. Especially considering that most performance level laptops already have a 6700hq or better. There aren't many better CPUs and if there were, would you really pay the 100's of your local currency for a fractional improvement? I don't think I ever would. I opted for a laptop with a GTX 1060 (1070 was also available), but at 1080p 60fps gaming, the GTX 1060 will max out most games, and of the ones it wont max out, turning down the settings that are high performance cost to net benefit in-game, you can easily get 60fps. 8xMSAA at 1080p on a 15.6in monitor FTW LOL! I was on the eGPU wagon for a while since I saw the Magma boxes years ago which run through a PCI express slot that certain laptops had (usually business laptops). Then alienware brought out their own eGPU which was a proprietary connector and that was interesting for as long as the match between brock lesnar and goldberg at survivor series. However, the breaking point for me was the Razer Core. On the face of it, it was fantastic, with a USB Type C connector (dual I think?) but the laptop requires thunderbolt 3 support which my laptop doesn't have but the more expensive Clevo P775DM3 does. I made the decision to abandon hope on the Razer Core because of user experience though, this was critical, because I watched a video on youtube where someone tested the core with multiple other laptops that have the right connections and technology, and most of them didn't work. I don't know enough about the technology to create my own drivers for it either so I think we are a long way away from eGPUs that can work globally, plug and play.
  11. I think depending on what you want from the laptop, it is quite a big task. I went down the lines of trying to get a laptop that i could upgrade at a later date but then realised it's a pointless and increasingly expensive task, far more than a desktop. Then I realised that even though replaceable GPUs have an MXM 3.0b form, the newer pascal GPUs in this form factor have an additional connector on-board which requires a further connector on the motherboard for it to work, so a future MXM upgrade seems difficult to near impossible. I finally went with the Clevo P650RP6 which has a soldered CPU and GPU so both are integrated into the motherboard. It has 16GB ram but can upgrade to 64GB DDR4, 2 2.5in HDD slots which will fit either 2x 7mm or 1x 7mm and 1x 9.5mm (I have a 960GB SSD and 2tb HDD in those) and then either 2x M.2 SATA drives or 1x M.2 NVMe, of which I have the latter in 256GB for the OS. This is literally the best set of upgrade-ability options I could find in any laptop that are futureproof and extensive. The laptop is 25mm thick. The alternative and much more expensive one would be the P775DM3 which has the option to upgrade the MXM and using a full desktop CPU in addition to the options on my laptop, but is over 40mm thick, and again there is no knowing if future MXM cards will even work given the additional connectors on existing MXM cards. The only ever MXM upgrade I did was on a Toshiba Satellite L600D when I upgraded that around 5 years ago. That was an ATI radeon mobility 4550 which I replaced with a 4670 I think. It made a world of difference in Skyrim at medium settings, 1366x768 LOL
  12. I agree with noise reduction earplugs. If the noise is from a physical device can you not put something in the way between you and the heater to dampen the noise? I think it's quite risky in general to sleep with anything that blocks all noise. You may not hear a fire alarm go off. .