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    formerly wiii 8 cookies

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    if ur reading this you can probably figure it out based on the website you're on.
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    I was born. I didn't die yet.


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    AMD FX-8350
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    Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
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    8GB Kington HyperX
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    Strix RX 460 4GB
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    CoolerMaster Q300P
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    480GB SSD / 2TB HDD
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    500w EVGA
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    Acer 23'
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    AMD Wraith Cooler
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    the corsair light-upy one
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    Some wireless one
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    some speakers from goodwill that actually aren't bad
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    Windows 10
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  1. what's wrong with the current one?
  2. I don't think it should, but test it out and see if it does fit
  3. yea the case is most definitely being cheaped out on. thanks for the suggestion. edit: also what are the benefits of a more expensive board? @amdorintel
  4. The wires are fine. They won't melt. Make sure all connections are secure. The graphics card should go in the top slot usually I think.
  5. wait @Jurrunio @Adorable Cat what ram do you actually recommend tho?
  6. yea I was gonna put some different one in
  7. That ram was put in there temporarily thanks for remiding me i'll update it the case actually we're not getting bc i have and old empty case and we're just gonna use that
  8. I helped my friend put together a pcpartpicker list for his computer. Any thoughts or suggestions on the build? He's on a budget so I'm trying to get most bang for buck. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/wii8cookies/saved/88JL23
  9. ah shit yea that makes sense i guess
  10. You don't even have to completely do a fresh install. Just follow this- https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12415 (always make sure to backup your files)
  11. So we have StockX for shoes where you can see the price graph and sell and bid, and for pc parts we have pcpartpicker and ebay. My idea is basically a combination of pcpartpicker and ebay. You can see the price history, buy, sell, and bid, all in one place. Take this example and this one . Now combine them. That's the gist of my idea. I don't have the means or ability to pursue this idea or anything but if anyone wants to steal my idea go ahead I think it's a good one. (like at least gimmie 1% profits or something lmao)