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  • Birthday 2001-04-12

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    Herceg Novi - Montenegro
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    PC Master race content and dank stuff
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    Student and part time waiter


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    R7 2700
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    Aorus B450 elite
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    16gb HyperX DDR4 3000
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    was a RTX 2070 but it died so a RX Vega 56
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    Antec P7 Window
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    1tb of SATA3 SSD
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    700W Gigabyte modular power supply
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    Hyper 212 Black Edition RGB
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    also some Armaggeddon mouse
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    LD Systems HP700
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    Windows 10 Home
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  1. I agree. Going with an I5 is maybe a better choice for gaming because of the higher clocks than the locked I7 but for productivity those threads are usefull.
  2. To be honest, i never tried 1440p gaming either, but since i have been using a 180p screen and a 4k tv that is hooked up to a htpc, i personally think that 1080p is best for gaming. I say stick to a 1080p but high refresh rate monitor and upgrade later down the road.
  3. which version of prime95 are you using because some versions can cook your CPU and also are buggy as hell. I had similar problems on my dad's pc with an i5 6600k. Try installing a new version and try aida.
  4. I told him so but i can squeze an i5 6600k with an msi z170 tomahawk into the budget.
  5. Around 1200-1300€. For people across the ocean the prices are: strix 480: 325€, i5 7600k: 295€, msi z270 tomahawk: ~160€, 16gb ddr4 2666mhz: 160€.
  6. Hi everyone! I am building my friend a gaming PC. I have recently completed my personal build thanks to you and now i seek help once more. He wants a rx 480 8gb strix, and wants an i5 6600k/7600k build. I told him an i5 non k cpu bundled up with an b150/250 mobo would be a better value. Thanks!
  7. Thanks everyone! I will get a cheaper mobo and to try to get an i5 6500. Also i already have bought a single 8gb stick. The jump from a 1050ti to rx 470 is kinda big in my country (from 200e to 250e for a 4gb variant) but if i sell my old pc i will probably get it.
  8. I also live in a 2nd world country so parts prices are very high. (130€ for an i3 and ~200€ for an i 5)
  9. I am building a budget gamimg PC. I can not decide wheater to buy an i3 6100 or an i5 6400. I will be pairing those with a z170 mobo from gigabyte, 8gb of ddr4 ram(16gb soon) and a gtx 1050ti gaming from msi. I will be overclocking those through a Bios update. Thanks!
  10. If you are not going into 1440p or any deeper waters the 1060 should be more than enough at the moment. But if you are going to game at anything over 1080p the 1070 is worth the investiment.
  11. Just be patient and wait for Zen. If AMD is not lying it should deliver great performance matching the current intel line for a smaller price.